Ban Gioc Waterfalls - One of the best waterfalls in Asia

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Traveling to northeast of Viet Nam in the journey to Ban Gioc waterfalls, there is lots of amazing when passing soft curved road in the bottom of the mountain and witness at sight the romantic beauty of mountains, rivers and pieces of forest. Branches of wildflowers and the peace scenery in here makes soul of travelers many feelings.

Located in the northeastern province of Cao Bang, the falls are 30 metres high and 300 metres across, making Ban Gioc the widest (but not the highest) waterfall in the country. The waterfall is divided into 3 layers consisting of small and large upper flows. Large water blocks fall into limestone steps, making a curtain of white sprays. From the distance, visitors can hear the roaring of waterfall echoing through a large area. 

Ban Gioc Waterfalls - One of the best waterfalls in Asia
Photo by jankgo
Rising from middle of the waterfall is a large water mound covered with trees, splitting the river into three spouts that look lie three white silk strips. At the foot of the waterfall is a large river that is calm as glass surrounded by many precious flowers. On hot summer days, it is still cool here. Every early morning, the sun shines through steam creating a sparkling rainbow.

The falls occur on the Quay Son River, a beautiful jade-blue body of water flowing from China through a pastoral landscape of rice fields and bamboo groves surrounded by limestone pinnacles. Not only is the most beautiful cascade in Vietnam but also recently, Ban Gioc waterfalls was reward as one of seven waterfalls in the world.

Ban Gioc Waterfalls - One of the best waterfalls in Asia 1
Photo by BetacommandBot
At Ban Gioc, the Quay Son River forms the border between Vietnam and China. Consequently, the falls are half in Vietnam and half in China. Both countries have bamboo rafts that punt visitors around the base of the falls for better views of the cascade: you can literally shake hands with Chinese tourists on the other rafts.

While Ban Gioc Waterfall is the absolute final destination and the main highlights of the day, Cao Bang also offer its visitors a generous number of destinations to incorporate with the trip to Ban Gioc Waterfall. Check out Thang Hen lake, Nguom Ngao cave (động Ngườm Ngao), Pac Bo cave (hang Pắc Bó – where Ho Chi Minh president used to live). If you have enough time, consider combining Ba Be lake and Ban Gioc waterfall to make a circular trip to include all of the main attractions in Cao Bang. Contact us for the most exciting and detailed journey of discovery:

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