Vung Tau - the attractive beach city in the South of Vietnam

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If you are in Saigon and thirst for vitamin sea or need a quick escape from busy life, Vung Tau is what you are looking for. Located just a 100km south east of Saigon, this bustling city has oceans on three sides, salty but fresh air, sandy beach and many coastal activities to make this an ideal weekend destination for you.

There are many places to see and things to do when you travel to Vung Tau, the city even claims to be the first vacation spot of South Vietnam.. You can expect to swim in the jewel blue sea or go hiking to the top of the mountain to catch a glimpse of the beautiful city. Making a decision of where to go can be tough so let us give you a hand. Here are some main places you should put on your itinerary.

Vung Tau - the attractive beach city in the South of Vietnam
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There are many tourist attractions in Vung Tau, including several beaches and abundance of pagodas and temples, many leaning against the mountains and face the oceans. Vung Tau, Vietnam faces the ocean on three sides. So, not surprisingly why Vung Tau is windy all year round with a very pleasant average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius which makes it a popular destination for sightseeing in Vietnam.

Bai Sau: The calmness of the sea and and the pleasant weather makes Bai Sau an ideal place for the beachgoers to come and relax. Whenever life in Saigon makes you feel overwhelmed, just come to Bai Sau in Vung Tau and lay on the silky sand to sunbathe while listening to the ocean song of the waves. The warm currents run through the sea which influence the temperatures of the area and the average temperature is around 27.5*C (81.5*F). This is perfect for those who love swimming to spend the whole day in the water. In case you don’t like the sun and need more shades, you can rent the beach benches for around 30,000 VND/couch. Bai Sau is also the place where many restaurants and hotels located.

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Bai Truoc: Together with Bai Sau, Bai Truoc is another beautiful beach of Vung Tau where people usually go picnic on the day and party when the sun goes down. However, because of a ferry port and offshore drilling nearby, the water here is not very clean to swim in. Nevertheless, you can take advantage of the city park for an outing. What the local tourists usually do is buying the fresh seafood at Xom Luoi market and bring it to the green grass on Bai Truoc for a picnic. The lines of palms and coconut trees have create a perfect shades for you to lay down and read a good book.

Bai Truoc is also home to many bars and clubs in Vung Tau. Even though the nightlife in Vung Tau is not crazily active compares to Saigon, the ocean view is the biggest selling point for entertaining locations here. It depends on whether you want to relax and drink a glass of cocktail or rock the dance floor the party goers can check out these cool spots: Tommy’s Bar, Fang Pub, Black Pearl Bar and The Gazebo Beach Front Lounge & Cafe.

Vung Tau - the attractive beach city in the South of Vietnam 2
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Christ of Vung Tau – Nui Nho Mountain: If you are a mountain type of person and hiking is your favorite activity, the Christ of Vung Tau on Nui Nho Mount should be on top of your list. In the morning, when the heat is not too crazy, you can take 847 steps to the top of the mountain to watch the sunrise. On the way, the lovely smell of blossom plumeria and the breath-taking scenery will help you de-stress and feel relaxed. The giant Jesus statue on top of the mountain is the symbol of Vung Tau. It was built in 1971 with the height of 32 meter and the length of arm arms is 18,4 meter. What make this statue special is you can take the stairs inside of the body to climb up to Jesus’ arms where you can inhale the fresh scent of the ocean and enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of the beach city.

If you live in Saigon or have a week in Saigon, you should spend a day or two to get away from the city and visit Vung Tau to swim in the sea, climb up the mountain or simply just have a picnic with your friends in the shaded park while listen to the love song of the ocean. Let mother nature soothe your soul.

Vung Tau is not only a good place for people who love sightseeing and playing with the water it also a great gem for the F-type travellers, who travel for FOOD. What are the must-try dishes in Vung Tau besides fresh seafood? Take part in the journey of discovery to have the correct answer as well as interesting experience here. All the details please contact us:

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