The most popular tourist route for 2 days in Sapa

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About 330 km from Hanoi Capital, Sapa is located on Hoang Lien Son Range. It is a picturesque village near the Chinese border in north-west Vietnam. Sapa is one of themost enchanting of the Vietnam popular destinations thanks to its beautiful unspoiled landscapes and diverse culture, Sapa has become a favorite tourist destination of many domestic and international tourists. 
Muong Hoa valley: One of the most beautiful in Sapa is Muong Hoa Valley where the prettiness and mystery converge. Place of the most wonderful terraced field.

Muong Hoa Valley is about 8km in the southeast of Sapa town. To come to the valley, the tourist have to travel through a pass. The road to Muong Hoa Valley curves around the mountain and quite dangerous, the award for people who overcome it is at the end of the road.

Visiting Muong Hoa Valley, you will enjoy an easy walk downhill and along Muong Hoa River, through terraced fields passing some hamlets of the H’Mong people as Y Linh Ho, Lao Chai…, watching locals at work. The night you spend in Ta Van village. The unique village in SaPa area where Giay minority live, will be an excellent and remarkable experience.

The most popular tourist route for 2 days in Sapa
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Fansipan mountain: is a mountain in Vietnam, the highest in Indochina, at 3,143 metres. It is located in the Lào Cai Province of the Northwest region of Vietnam, 9 km southwest of Sa Pa Township in the Hoang Lien Son mountain range. Fansipan is considered as the Roof of Vietnam and Indochina. Standing between heaven and earth, the mountain has challenged any climbing enthusiasts. Now, conquering Fansipan is easier than ever and is suitable for everyone by the support of Fansipan cable system. Journey to Fansipan by cable car starting from the Muong Hoa Valley (away from Sapa town about 8km). From the cable car, visitors can admire views of Muong Hoa valley and Hoang Lien National Forest from above.

The most popular tourist route for 2 days in Sapa 1
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Tram Ton pass: Is located about 18 km to the north of Sapa town center. It is very well located, because you can find it on the same way to Thac Bac Waterfall and Mountain Fansipan.  At the height of 1900 meters, Tram Ton Pass is the highest mountain pass in Vietnam, connecting Sapa and Lai Chau Province. Tram Ton Pass is also referred as Heavens Gate, since its picturesque landscapes and magnificence resemble a gate to the Heaven. The mountains will take your breath away.

The most popular tourist route for 2 days in Sapa 2
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Bac Ha market: Occurs every Sunday morning weekly, this otherwise quiet and somewhat remote little town in the mountains of northern Vietnam bursts into life as vendors from outlying villages flock into town to sell their wares; farm produce, household goods, clothing and of course some embroidered bags, scarves etc to the foreign visitors who also arrive in town on a Sunday morning to visit the photogenic and famous market.

One of the most popular journeys to explore Sapa is the journey 2-days in Sapa. However, there are many different tourist routes for 2 days in Sapa, and this is one of the most attractive journeys:

The most popular tourist route for 2 days in Sapa 3
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Route 1: Sapa - Muong Hoa valley (Cat Cat, Y linh Ho, Lao Chai, Ta Van)

Route 2: Sapa - Fansipan mountain - Muong Hoa valley (Y linh Ho, Lao Chai, Ta Van)

The most popular tourist route for 2 days in Sapa 4
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Route 3: Lao Cai - Bac Ha market - Muong Hoa valley (Lao Chai, Ta Van)

Route 4: Sapa - Muong Hoa valley (Lao Chai, Ta Van) - Suoi Ho - Ta Phin

Route 5: Sapa - Muong Hoa valley - Silver waterfall - Love waterfall - Tram Ton pass - Sin Chai village

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