Sin Ho plateau - destination to paradise of northwest Vietnam

Nga Do
Lai Châu Province is unlike any other area of Vietnam. Not only is it the most sparsely populated are in Vietnam but it was also once a semi-independent White Tai confederation known as Sipsongchuthai. This was absorbed by France into French Indochina in the 1880s and subsequently became part of Vietnam following Vietnamese independence in 1954.  This is reflected in the great cultural diversity seen today.

Lai Châu has long been the poorest province in Vietnam. It is also the least developed.  The scenery of some of the most spectacular scenery you can see in all of Vietnam. Epic limestone mountains stretch out in every direction, many are lined with ancient forest. Valleys are planted with corn, rice or neat little tea plantations. 

With an elevation similar to that of Sapa, Sin Ho plateau is one of the highest settlements in all of Vietnam. The district is home to Hmong and Dao people.Whilst Sapa is a famous mountain retreat, enormously popular with Vietnamese and foreign tourists. Sin Ho, on the other hand, is hardly ever visited by travellers. These two highland towns are connected by lofty mountain passes which afford spectacular views, on a scale not found anywhere else in Vietnam.

Travelling to Sin Ho plateau in Lai Chau in this season, you will be immersed in this place paradise. On each of the roads, while enjoying the majestic natural landscape, the white clouds and mountains surrounding the forest make you feel like you are lost in the fairy tale. Particularly, Sin Ho Plateau is entering the first days of the plum blossom season, sometimes in the journey you will encounter the plum blossom flowers blooming attractive mountains. Aa pure beauty, ethereal.

Sin Ho district contains 1 township and 21 communes. Mountain roads provides views over ridges, farmland, ethnic minority villages and clear rivers are superb. The district offers beautiful off the beaten track treks and cultural exchanges with local ethnic minorities.

On Sunday morning, the sleepy town comes alive. Waves of ethnic people walk or ride horses and motorbikes on all the roads and paths leading to the town centre, loaded up with many kinds of farm products, heading towards the market. These ethnic minority people come from many distant villages up and down the mountains. They are members of the Flower Hmong, Blue Hmong, Black Hmong, Lu, Black Dao and Red Dao minorities and others.

Along with Sin Ho Plateau, Lai Chau has a lot of destinations as Pu Sam Cap Cave, the villages of Na Luong, Hon, Vnag Pheo, Tac Tinh Waterfall, Vang Po hot springs, Pu Ta Leng peak - the second roof of Indochina and Bach Moc Luong Tu mountain. Discover new destinations to experience more exciting things in life, are you interested in this place? Contact us for more direct and detailed advice:

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