"Happy day" with Sapa Trekking

Nga Do
In Sapa Vietnam, you can trek through highland valleys, terraced rice paddies and towering limestone mountain ranges. There’s more to Sapa than mouthwatering food and rich history and tradition. Perhaps less known is that you can also go for some pretty awesome trek in Sapa. Trekking in Sapa spans the entire hiking spectrum, from easy walks through historic villages and on terraced fields to serious, long-distance jungle treks.

Sapa’s landscapes offer trekers a unique experience. This is where you can hike through highland valleys, along terraced rice paddies and underneath towering limestone mountain ranges. No matter your hiking experience or physical fitness, you’ll find a trek in Sapa for you.

"Happy day" with Sapa Trekking
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Undoubtedly Vietnam’s premier hiking destination, Sapa is home to a dense network of trails. There’s no individual trail that stands out from the rest, though. It’s the possibility to link trails together and create the perfect hike for your skill level that makes this region so popular. On top of that, Sapa boasts some of the most spectacular mountain scenery in all of Vietnam, a landscape consisting of terraced rice paddies and wonderful mountain villages.

These terraced fields lying among rugged green mountain valleys, under clear blue sky or a mysterious and crips fog, bring to eyes an imposing scenery, and much more,a wide range of the excited things are waiting for you to discover. Do wanna escape from Hanoi for a dynamic and cool fresh trekking journey in Sapa: http://sapatoursfromhanoi.com/sapa-trekking-tours-from-hanoi/

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