Adventure Expedition Tour in Ba Be lake & Ha Giang

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Ha Giang  - sometimes known as ‘the Roof of Vietnam’ - is characterized by beautiful limestone karsts, rolling hills and highlands. It’s also homeland of many minority groups and hilltribes such as the Dao, H’mong, Tay and Nung... A epic road trip across Dong Van Geopark to Ba Be National Park has been handcrafted to bring you an array of colourful ethnic minority communities, stay in local villages and visit lively tribal markets, while travelling through dramatic mountain and forest landscapes.

The leave the capital Hanoi and move to Ba Be lake after 4.5 hours to the natural wonderland of Northwestern Vietnam with visiting Ba Be National Park, Ba Be Lake. Ba Be Lake is well-known for an over 50-hectare freshwater lake in the altitude of 145m above the sea level created by the confluence of three river tributaries after earthquakes tens of millions of years ago, discover the peaceful beauty, floating on the lake with the bamboo boat watching the people here in their daily lives.

Adventure Expedition Tour in Ba Be lake & Ha Giang
Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours
Do not forget to explore the outstanding destinations such as Puong Cave, the home of thousands of bats, or the peaceful life of the Tay community among the green rice fields, under their traditional houses. Enjoy the local culture through typical dishes, short conversations.

In contrast to the tranquility of Ba Be Lake, the Ha Giang rock plateau is an ideal destination for adventure explorations. From the narrow streets, the limestone mountains range in particular, or the flag pole of the North Pole, all of which make visitors fascinated.

Ma Pi Leng pass - dubbed the king of the Pass in Vietnam, the most dangerous road in Vietnam about 20km long. One of the four most dangerous pass in Vietnam, indispensable steep slopes, you have to cross the winding slopes, meanders the majestic mountain peaks, across the corn groves green, rustic house, sometimes meet Mong people in the border.

Adventure Expedition Tour in Ba Be lake & Ha Giang 1
Photo by haithanh
Stunned when reaching the top of the pass at the height of 2000m, standing at the stop delighted to admire the scenery, you like bursting in emotion, overwhelmed by the majestic mountains and stonewall records the history of the road happy. 

Living in the land of stone mortar more than the land but Ha Giang people still chhir, expensive to get a Ha Giang today, the land with flowers bloom on the rock, the land conquered many visitors, as background The food is characteristic of its own. A journey promises to bring so many special experiences and emotions, what are you waiting for without planning to turn it into a journey of discovery itself. see the itinerary at:

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