You will be surprised with the traffic in Vietnam

Nga Do
One of the wonderful things you can do in Vietnam, in the big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh especially - is to simply watch what happens on the streets. Just observing the traffic flowing past can be particularly interesting.

The traffic in Vietnam is unlike anything you have ever seen elsewhere. Since not a lot of people can afford a car, scooters are the main form of transportation here. Go to downtown areas and you will see endless streams of scooters flowing through the streets, seemingly ignoring every traffic regulation.

To many Vietnamese, the scooter is their only means of transportation. It’s not!  uncommon to see an entire family on one scooter. Scooters are also frequently used to transport goods around. Huge stacks of boxes will be affixed to the back.

The major means of transportation in Vietnam is the motorbike along with some other public transportation like taxis, cyclos, and buses. When crossing the streets, you should walk slowly and other drivers will know to give way to you. You should choose public transportation when first arriving in Vietnam. Moreover, you must tighten your seatbelt when going by taxi, and wear helmet and gauze mask when going by motorbike.

Finally, I would like to quote here the opinion of an traveler about transportation in Vietnam: “Always remember to walk to the right hand side of the road and keep a far distance from the centre of any roundabout when you have to ride around it.” Moreover, foreign tourists can absolutely enjoy interesting things on the Vietnamese streets, like practicing keeping balance on a motorbike at a red light. I often can keep balance on my motorbike for 8 seconds. I believe that when you get used to transportation in Vietnam, you will feel like riding a motorbike around whichever city you are in.

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