Challenge courage when passing through Cloud Bridge in Sapa

Nga Do
Cloud Bridge is a unique bridge that is woven with rattan wire crossing the romantic Muong Hoa River. However, because of the difference and seemingly dangerous, few people have the courage to go through.
Location of Cloud Bridge

Cloud Bridge is located in Ta Van village, about 17 km southeast of Sapa town. From the road visitors can go along the road about 3km is to. The bridge crosses the romantic Muong Hoa River hillside with luxuriant flowers.

The beauty of Cloud Bridge

The beauty of the bridge is that the bridges are connected by rattan. Over time, the bridge is no longer as stable as it was before, and is now only used for travel purposes.

If luck is coming to Cloud Bridge on the day the fog rolled from the Muong Hoa River covered the bridge, at the same time, the feeling of floating along the bridge will make visitors feel like walking in the clouds, the name of Cloud Bridge is born with the same meaning.

Previously, the bridge was a bridge from the town of Sapa and Giang Ta Chai. Although the bridge has been degraded over time, it still has tourist value.

Experience passing through Cloud Bridge

To get across this bridge requires the courage of visitors because each board of the bridge about 20cm apart. When going over here, if you look down, you will feel dizzy. However, many visitors still choose this place to test their courage. This is also considered an unforgettable experience when traveling Sapa. Once you have conquered this bridge along the way will lead you to a beautiful waterfall and majestic, local people call this waterfall is Giang Ta Chai waterfall ...

The romantic beauty of Cau May has attracted many couples to come here for wedding photography and attract tourists to save the memorable moments on the beautiful river Muong Hoa.

At Ta Van now, there is also a cloud bridge to serve tourists, you can take pictures, enjoy the scenery. If you want to come here you choose the Sapa tour of Vietnam.

Conquer the Cau May Bridge you will come to the village of Ta Van, inhabited by ethnic minorities. Here you will shake off the sorrows of everyday life that blends into the natural space, living space and culture of ethnic minorities in this place, taste special dishes and Experience the life of ethnic minorities such as Mong, Dao, Day, Tay ...

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