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Nga Do
Cao Bang Spring Rolls

I had an idea that nature always favors the land of Vietnam with beautiful landscapes. If Dong Van (Ha Giang) is known for 85% of the area is ice and rocky, proud, Cao Bang appears with a smoother, brighter green in the mountains, streams and streams. Of which, the most famous is the scenic waterfall Ban Gioc, is also the largest natural waterfall in Southeast Asia, is also the fourth largest waterfall in the world.

Cao Bang - the frontier of the northern border of the country is also a land of old revolutionary tradition and the origin of the Vietnamese revolution. Not only that, the cuisine is simple, wildlife also create another attraction of this country in the heart of tourists. One of the dishes that makes people remember much about Cao Bang is rice soup.

Today, I will mention bread rolls, many Vietnamese often think of Thanh Tri famous rolls of Hanoi. But today, the heart of Hanoi also has "Cao Bang cake" quite crowded. Made from rice, but this uplifting cake has something special that it is "welcome" and attractive to the people of Hanoi so?

As I think it is thanks to the unique taste and the exotic flavor that the dish brings. Cao Bang cake does not serve with sauce like sauce in other regions. Instead, the cakes together with jasmine fragrant aromatic fragrant peppers and soaked bamboo shoots are also called "roll cake soup", to distinguish it from rolls in the lowland.

I have eaten and feel that Cao Bang rolls have their own flavor that no one else has. If you have ever enjoyed it, I bet you will not forget the piece of plastic cake, long and fragrant rice flavor of Cao Bang rice.

The special point and bring the flavor of Cao Bang cake is the broth. It is a fragrant soup soup, fragrant sweet fat, but fragrance sweet bones, bone fragments. Add a little green onions, coriander, mushrooms, wood ear and a few tablespoons finely chopped water has a bowl of soup to eat with the scroll, making the eyes are eagerly eagerly expecting.

Depending on the taste, some people like to eat soup rolls or add eggs, sausages. It may be a bare egg cooked with water, or beaten on a hot cake on the mat, rolls wrapped in eggs and then put into the soup so hot not afraid of fishy. The sausage is carefully wrapped in banana leaves, before serving, the owner will put in a pot of bones and then picking up the soup.

In my opinion, how to enjoy the Cao Bang's cake is the cake that will be dipped in a bowl of soup mixed with chili sauce, sour bamboo shoots, spoon and chopsticks picked up as when eating noodles, noodles. The combination of the cool of the piece of bread rolls with fragrant bones, scrambled eggs, sweet eggs, pork and sweet taste of the honey bile to make customers want to eat more.

Only a bowl of soup rolls enough to remind the memory of those who are far from the countryside, or the deluded sorrows of travelers who set foot "to go to Cao Bang waters." As a simple gift of highland, Cao Bang soup is also the famous dish that anyone who has been memorized to remember.

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