Sapa trekking tours in the winter

Nga Do
Winter is certainly not the best time to visit Sapa, and visitors are often ill-prepared for the cold temperatures, but that isn’t to say you should miss it! There are even a few reasons why you might find Sapa more enjoyable in winter and fewer crowds is one of them.
Sapa scenery in Winter

One of the main reasons people are inspired to visit Sapa is the beautiful terraced rice paddies etched across the mountains. So, people often wonder what they’ll get to see in the winter without the rice terraces in action. The answer is that Sapa’s mountains are stunning in their own right and you may even get to see them tipped with snow! The empty terraces are eerily picturesque and the forests make for lovely hiking all year round. Winter is also the chance to spot wildflowers. February is cherry blossom season in the region and if you book a tour with our local guides we will take you to the most beautiful and hidden places to enjoy the beautiful scenery during the winter.

Sapa homestays in winter

The local people of Sapa are one the biggest reasons for you to visit Sapa anytime of the year. With over 50 ethnic minorities in Vietnam, you can meet up to 15-20 different tribes in Sapa, including the Black H’Mong, Tay and Dzay people. The local people in Sapa are incredibly friendly and will take good care of you at their homestays. Keeping cosy by a fire, surrounded by family, with a home-cooked feast of local produce and a few glasses of ‘happy water’ will keep you warm even on the coldest night!

Trekking in Sapa in winter

Along with homestays, people come to Sapa for the trekking. Trekking is usually a fair weather activity but we would actually recommend hiking in Sapa in winter because the temperatures are cooler. Hiking is a great way to warm up and if you are lucky, you’ll get a homestay foot bath at the end of your trek! The visibility for views may not be as good as in spring or autumn but there is something about fog clinging to the tops of mountains that really makes a place seem magical.

Eat grilled dishes during your Sapa tour

Grilled dishes and hotpot are kings during cold weather in Sapa, as it will become more and more satisfied to have a taste of them while the weather gets colder and colder. Additionally, Sapa is also a kingdom for some specialties vegetables such as chayote, as well as pork, beef and salmon…. thus the flavor, smell and taste of these grilled dishes and hotpot are more unique and tastier than anywhere else.

Also, during your Sapa tour, don’t forget to pay a visit to a coffee shop in Cau May street and enjoy a hot cup of coffee while feeling the bitter cold of mountainous area and seeing Sapa’s scenery in foggy weather.

Having a Sapa tour in Vietnam, you will have an opportunity to view the majestic scenery, like you are going on a tour in Europe. However, you will also be able to feel difficult lives of local people living here, therefrom you could have sympathy for their lives and love this S-shaped country more!

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