Bamboo sprouts - the food of Northwesterners

Nga Do
Strangely, the bitter taste is hard to swallow, but Bamboo sprouts is a favorite of many people. That is why people in the mountains are always distant memories of bitter bamboo shoots, and urban people have eaten once wanted to buy for the period.

Previously in the Northwest mountains regions where everywhere see bitter bamboo shoots. But nowadays, people have to go deep into the forest to find it. According to the experience of the North West, the bitter shoots of the first season are sweet and alternate with bitter taste, but when there is a thunder, the bamboo is bitter.

Normally, it is boiled and soaked until sour, and then it is cooked with chicken or duck to make hot sour sweet soups that are certain to warm your belly in cold days. In addition, bamboo sprouts also are stir-fried with “me” (fermented cold rice) or steamed with minced chicken or pork. More interestingly, not less delicious and amazing are broiled bamboo sprouts. Bamboo sprouts that have been harvested will be broiled until singed.

The dish is served with “cham cheo”, a mixture of chili, salt, ginger leaves, ground “doi” seeds, garlic leaves and ground garlic. Different levels of spicy flavor mingle with the bitter sweet taste of bamboo sprouts and the saltiness of roasted salt, creating a particularly appetizing finger food.

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