Sapa-Hagiang: attractive adventure route

Nga Do
Traveling through some of the north's most dramatic scenery, our Roof of Vietnam: Ha Giang and the Far North tour package is a fantastic journey into this mountainous region. Encounter fascinating hill tribes, be captivated by the pristine landscapes and gain an understand of the intense relationship between these people and this land. If you are ready to discover an incredible corner of Asia, bring your camera and your sense of adventure and join us on this Vietnam tour.

The soaring, rocky mountains and extensive, sweeping valleys in the north of Vietnam inspire a feeling of wonder in all those who lay eyes on the immense landscapes. Sapa and Ha Giang are the two best places trekking in Vietnam.

Coming to the mountainous town of Sapa is known for its culturally diverse population as well as its proximity to incredible scenery. Sapa itself is home to the members of many hill tribes, including the Hmong, the Dao, the Muong and the Tay. The town also overlooks the magnificent Muong Hoa Valley and its terraced rice fields, which are staggering to behold. If you want to get an inside look at the local residents and their cultures, then head to Sapa for an overnight trek or a homestay. You can hike out to the more remote villages and then spend the night, dining and learning from the hill tribe residents.

Is a rocky plateau in Northeast Vietnam, the topography of Ha Giang plateau is formed with 80% of limestone area, in addition to the excellent trekking experience, you are also free to explore the land "flowers bloom from stone ".

One of the most remote provinces in the country is Ha Giang. Close to the border with China, Ha Giang Province is known for its green forests and granite mountains. It is an incredible destination to explore ethnic diversity and to participate in outdoor activities like camping or hiking. As such a scenic province, Ha Giang to home to hundreds of spectacular vantage points. However, few can compare to Ma Pi Leng Pass. Outdoor markets are a regular occurrence in Ha Giang, with residents traveling to attend these weekly or monthly events. One of the most thrilling is the Dong Van Market, which is held on Sundays.

These are individual aspects of the beauty of individual regions. However, if you have time as well as the conditions I sincerely recommend you to make a Sapa-Ha Giang tours packages. The things you get will be on the whole great. Continuing the experience of exploring the terraced rice field, hills in Sapa you will be involved in the challenge of conquering the most beautiful road in Vietnam in Ha Giang.

Do not miss the happy moments, excitement on the perfect tour to northern Vietnam. This is probably one of the trips we most enjoy and most selected from travelers across the country to the World. It can also be the journey you wish to take.

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