Cốc San Grotto - mysterious beauty of Sapa forest

Nga Do
Coc San Grotto - a tourist destination of Sapa bearing the breath of mountains and forests and the privilege of nature. The wilderness is almost a place to attract hundreds of tourists visit. Visit this cave and beautiful waterfall with Vietnam Typical Tours.

Interesting destination

Coc San waterfall or Coc San grotto is the name of the area because it contains several waterfalls and caves. Coc San grotto is located in Bat Xat district, about 7km from Lao Cai town.

Coc San is a group consisting of many wonderful waterfalls and caves with different size, so you can call it Coc San caves and Coc San waterfalls. The Coc San Stream from Hoang Lien Son Mountain is the water source of those caves.

Coc San Stream is running 2kms through many cliffs, making many about 10 beautiful caves under waterfalls. The way to Coc San is very difficult and risky; people must cross many big stones and trees. The senses still remain pristine and natural. Approaching to the water falls, you will hear the sound of bubbling water joists.

There are many waterfalls rank from low to high, you can amazing as standing in front of a terraced water field. Behind those waterfalls, there are mystery caves. The road to the Coc San is very winding, dark and was filled by the rocks.

Wonderful scenery

Discovering the caves, you will have chance to admire many stalactites with many shape and size. The air in the cave is very cool and peace. It is best place to escape the hit and bustle of city. In summer and fall, a lot of tourists come to Coc San to visit the scenery, take pictures, and take bath in cool blue water.

Visitors also can walk along the stream sides, to see many rock fields. In those fields, there are undulating small and big stones with different shape. Especially, there are some big stone has surface very flat and wide, can fit 10 people sitting.

It is so exciting if you can sit down on the flat stone, then touch the cool water by foots, play water with friends. Moreover, you also can catch fish from the stream. There are crowded fish that you can see clearly, but they are very quick, so it not easy. If lucky you can have a very delicious meal with Coc San fish.

Especially, standing on top of the mountain you can see panoramic view of prosperous, peaceful Coc San in season of ripe paddy. Behind the Cao Son mountain sides, there is an amazing natural sense appearing as an ancient painting.

It is also an ideal place for tourist to delight watching the sunrise in highlands with amazing images picture of red sun slowly go up on mountains, looks like as “place Elysium”.

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