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The fertile Red River valley has been the home of the Vietnamese people for almost 5,000 years, and it remains the cultural heartland of the modern Vietnamese nation. With the capital Hanoi at its centre, northern Vietnam offers the best of all worlds - great depth of culture, remarkable landscapes and mouth-watering cuisine; who needs more? 
Let us lead you on a journey to the world-famous scenery of Halong Bay, the jumble of Hanoi's bustling Old Quarter and the lesser-known delights of Ha Giang, Ba Be lake and Sapa. Hike amongst the towering rice terraces of the northern mountains, drift along slow rivers, peaceful and trekking around thrusting limestone pinnacles, or enjoy the exotic tastes and smells of Hanoi's fabulous street food.

1. Explore the world heritage recognized by UNESCO - Halong Bay

This magical land consists of some 3,000 small islands marooned in emerald green waters; it should come as little surprise that Ha Long Bay is a UNESCO-recognizedWorld Heritage Site. The indescribable beauty of thebay is further enhanced by a myriad of small caves to explore as well as an astonishing variety of local flora and fauna. To make the most of your trip to this paradise we recommend hiring a boat which will allow you to travel from island to island.

2. Trekking through terraced fields, mountain forests and hill tribes in Sapa

Sapa is a fascinating tourist destination for those who love nature and want to admire the wild and amazing lanscapes of Northwest mountains, terraced fileds and explore the unique culture of hill tribes. Many people suppose that Sapa as "Dalat in the North" by the freezing air and unspoiled, majestic but equally poetic natural landscapes.

Right since French colonial period, Sapa Vietnam was chosen as an ideal vacation destination for French officials. Sapa is the perfect combination between nature, mountains, tribal culture, climate and land. All create extremely typical and fascinating beauty that makes Sapa tours more and more attracts visitors.

3. Admire the most majestic waterfall Vietnam - Ban Gioc waterfall.

Ban Gioc Waterfall is one of Vietnam’s most impressive natural sights. Located in the northeastern province of Cao Bang, the falls are 30 meters high and 300 meters across, making Ban Gioc the widest – but not the highest – waterfall in the country.

The falls occur on the Quay Son River, a beautiful jade-blue body of water, flowing through a pastoral landscape of rice fields and bamboo groves, surrounded by limestone pinnacles.

Ban Gioc is the world’s fourth biggest border-crossing waterfalls. It is attractive for its picturesque painting of blue sky, great limestone mountains and stunning rice fields, together with daily life.

4. Enjoy the peaceful beauty of the largest nature freshwater lake in Vietnam - Ba Be Lake

Ba Be Lake in Ba Be National Park is an incredibly beautiful area boasting waterfalls, rivers, deep valleys, lakes and caves set amid towering peaks. The area is inhabited by members of the Zao, H’mong and Tay minorities. For the Vietnamese people the place has been full of magic and mystery for over 1,500 years and the mystical lake has been the source of legend and folklore ever since people first settled in this area.

5. Plays the role is Hanoi people experience the historical sites, cultural highlights in the capital of Vietnam

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is a small but elegant city. If you only have chance to visit just one place in Northern Vietnam, that will likely be Hanoi. Its poetic and romantic beauty can charm you so effortlessly. It is said that nothing says Hanoi like its Old Quarter - the cultural heart of Hanoi. If you want to discover Vietnam’s historic and unique cultural delights, walk around and just take in the sites. Hanoi is packed with incredible must-visit attractions, such as The Temple of Literature, Long Bien Bridge or Hanoi Opera House.

Hanoi is also the city of exotic local cuisines. Be sure not to miss the one and only Pho - the most famous traditional dish in Vietnam. Also don’t forget one of the best drinks in the world - 'egg coffee'.

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