Impressive with buckwheat flower in Ha Giang stone plateau

Nga Do
Ha giang is a great destination for the sightseeing of grandiose mountainous landscapes and purple buckwheat flower fields blooming inthe hillside. Tourists to the northernmost province of Ha Giang and locals are enjoying the buckwheat festival on the Dong Van Stone Plateau. The buckwheat (Fagopyrum Esculentum) plant grows in clusters of small, pinkish-white flowers and produces triangular, edible seeds.

Buckwheat flower is characteristic stone plateau with tiny flowers pink purple attracted people loving flower and shutterbugs. Spreading over the four mountainous districts of Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Meo Vac and Dong Van in the north of Ha Giang, the Dong Van Stone Plateau is blessed with beautiful nature and cultural diversity from ethnic minority groups.

The ethnic Mong group cultivates two crops of buckwheat every year in the area. The flowers are sensitive to sunlight, changing their colour from white in the early morning to pink in the afternoon. Simple but loveable , modest but charming , Buckwheat is harmonious with the green color of the forest and the grey color of the mountains which altogether creates an endless source of inspiration for art enthusiasts . But the most profound and beautiful feature of the flower is its meaning – slender in shape but full of energy and beauty , always overcoming the fierce challenges of nature . As autumn reaches its end , the flowers become more splendid and attractive.

According to the legend , in the past , the people in the Northern mountainous region lived mainly on rice and corn . One year , the food ran out and the land had become barren , and the local people had to wander in search of food . Then , a strange yet pleasant fragrance filled the atmosphere and attracted the peasants to follow the ravine . Among the rocks , they discovered small white pink flowers whose nuts tasted as subtle as rice and corn . Since then , the Hmong have used the Buckwheat flowers’ nuts as staples like maize and rice . The Buckwheat flower then became an essential part of their daily lives. Buckwheat in full bloom is a spectacular sight, drawing flocks of tourists to Ha Giang.

The plateau was recognised as a member of the Global Network of National Geoparks in 2010, becoming Vietnam’s first geological park and the second in Southeast Asia. The attractiveness of buckwheat has made the rocky plateau radiant, fresh and particularly attractive when flowers and stones blend in between nature.

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