How to have a fun bike trip to explore Sapa?

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Travel by bike? Have you ever thought about it? Instead of traveling by modern cars, try the travel experience with small bikes. a good form of exercise for health, enjoy the breathtaking scenery, majestic scenery of Sapa slowly. It will be very interesting.

Adventure Tours Sapa and Northern Vietnam by bike are great adventure cycling tours in the mountain areas in the North of Vietnam. This tour takes you through the Sapa valley with its amazing scenery of mountains and rice paddy fields as far as the eye can see. You will start from Sapa by cycling along the newly built dirt road, which will bring you to the tribes hill. After a short break here, enjoy the specialties of ethnic minorities, explore the village and you will soon find out that things are not done the way you know.

How to have a fun bike trip to explore Sapa?
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However, there are quite a lot of people having difficulty looking for places to rent a motorbike. Some experience of renting a motorbike in Sapa below may be useful to you. 

If you want to rent motorbikes during the peak period like the weekend or holidays, you should contact a few days before your departure to avoid running out of motorbikes or paying highly. It is advised that renting motorbikes after coming to Sapa is a bad option because there isn’t probably motorbikes available for rental.

When you reach an agreement on rental and price, one thing you need to do is asking how far you are allowed to go and whether you can go overnight or not because of different prices. Generally, motorbike rental in a day starts from 8 a.m. to 17 p.m. and renters have to pay fee for petrol and other incurring fees by themselves.

How to have a fun bike trip to explore Sapa? 1
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Remember to check every detail thoroughly before you receive motorbikes from the owner to avoid paying wrongfully. The best way is to get the owner's telephone number and get him to pick up the motorbike without giving it back directly.

You will feel better when choosing some types of motorbikes like Wave RS because of its popularity and user-friendliness.

After renting motorbikes, you should search for where the nearest gas station is because gas stations in Sapa usually open after 7 a.m. and are away from each other.

Besides, you can rent bicycles to explore mountain villages, which is both inexpensive and interesting. 

Sapa tourism has many different types, you can search any Sapa tours at:

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