Vietnam Travel in Christmas Season

Nga Do
Looking for a chill place to lounge and sip champagne with friends for holiday Christmas? Known in Viet Nam as Noel, Christmas is one of the major festivals in Vietnam, celebrated with much fanfare by all religious communities. 
Despite the fact that Buddhism is the dominant religion in Vietnam and Christians form only a minority, Christmas is one of the four most important festivals of the year. Although Christmas does not have historical roots in Viet Nam, people across the country are filled with the holiday spirit. Children in Vietnam love Santa Claus. Christmas is a celebration of everyone. Old and young alike go into the streets to join the festive atmosphere. Vietnam holiday on the occasion of Christmas is sure to be the best choice for you.

Hanoi - the heart of the country 

36 Old Quarters, Cathedral, Ham Long Church, Hoan Kiem Lake ... are the most attractive destinations in Hanoi on the occasions of the Christmas and New Year annually. There are many interesting activities at Christmas night for you such as taking photo with giant trees, Christmas Father or taking part in services at the church and countdown concert program to welcome the new year ... Being participate in the crowds to pick a Merry Christmas night and enjoying good food of Hanoi will be unforgettable memories for tourists.

Ho Chi Minh - bustling City 

Visiting Saigon in early December, you will see round the roads, alleys are deluged with decorative Christmas and New Year items or may hear the song “Jingle Bells” somewhere. At Christmas, all of Saigon streets are brightly colorful and full of visitors. Best places for Christmas in Saigon such as Notre - Dame Basilica area, commercial centers ... you can also welcome a merry Christmas and warm New Year season with citizens by joining in noisy atmosphere of the "Countdown" festival at night.


If those who love the cold weather and would like to enjoy a freezing cold Christmas night, let's go to Sapa. This is one of the ideal places for Christmas. Sapa is foggy city and usually has snowfall in winter. People often celebrate Christmas at the biggest and most famous ancient stone church of Sapa that designed according to unique Europe architecture, definitely make you feel as though you were standing in somewhere of France. 

Come to Sapa these days, you can enjoy the amazing weather and beautiful Christmas scene of Sapa stone church. Snow and fog cover the church create a romantic landscape. All shops and streets are decorated with gorgeous Christmas trees. You can come inside the church to witness prayer ceremony.

Halong Bay

In addition to Sapa, Ha Long bay is the most selected destination in the North by tourists. Halong is one of 7 wonders of nature, recognized 2 times by UNESCO. Therefore, if possible, why not have a trip to Halong Bay? Welcoming Christmas in Halong, you can both be sunk in sparkling lights, lively music and go through greatly romantic and sweet moments of winter. In the breath of cool air, when the cold slip into every mantle, the emotion spilled over after you know that Christmas has coming.

Phu Quoc

Island is likened to Hawaii Bay of American because of having many beautiful beaches. Long Beach lies in the west of Phu Quoc Island and extends about 20km from Duong Dong district to An Thoi district. This is the busiest and the only beach in Vietnam where you can admire the sun goes down the sea. Some other beaches in Phu Quoc Island such as Kem, Dam, Cuu Can, Big, Sao beaches are really attractive beaches with clear water and fine white sand, could bring tourists the most comfortable and unforgettable moments in an unspoiled and rarely peaceful scenery along with extremely fresh air. Enjoying Christmas at sea, under the sunshine is an exciting experience with friends and family. 

After all, no matter whom you spend your Christmas with, how you spend it, or what you believe about it, we wish you a season of peace, joy and love. Merry Christmas!

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