Christmas - season of love connection

Nga Do
Not only in Vietnam, all over the world every holiday is a precious time that you can put aside all your work and spend time with your loved ones. Christmas is no exception. This year, you intend to spend Christmas together with your loved ones? If you do not have a plan then this will be the gift for you.

Christmas Eve in Vietnam is a bigger deal than Christmas Day itself. On Christmas Eve, Christian family would gather together, pray for blessings and practice the Yuletide spirit of giving and sharing. The streets are crowded with people on this day.

Fun-loving and sociable Vietnamese, whether Christians or not,  come in and gather at the large Catholic Cathedral, throw confetti, enjoy the bright lights and displays in shop windows and have a snack at the local restaurants. Not many people in Vietnam are Christians, but some people like to go to Midnight Mass services to watch the Nativity plays and here Christmas music.

For young couples, it's also chance to date and eat out. Thankfully, the holiday isn’t centered around shopping and eating out, students and young Vietnamese also exchange gifts and Christmas cards.

Nowaday, in big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, the streets, department stores and buildings are often lavishly decorated with Christmas trees, snowflake decorations, colourful ribbons and decorative balls and so on. Christmas tunes stream through shop fronts and the hotels, restaurants and stores are decorated with vibrant neon lights.

The Catholic churches that dot the city are decorated with gaily covered nativity scenes and fairy lights and church services are also extended for the holiday season. There are also sparkling lighting decorations on trees on the streets and in front of houses, turning particular places into Christmas area. Usually the shops will have their signs advertising sales for Christmas season. These are popular for people to visit and look at the scenes.

The winter is the most suitable time to enjoy coffee with friends, welcome Christmas in the Vietnam and take photos with colourful flower fields. Enjoy this Christmas season in Vietnam you will see a Vietnam completely different from normal.

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