Unfamiliar Markets of Highland in Ha Giang

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Travel to the northern mountainous provinces of vietnam, not only the tours exploring the highland markets in Sapa attract tourists. There are also markets in Ha Giang, Lai Chau is equally attractive. Each region will have its own unique features, cultural features that appeal to you. For Ha Giang, the fairs in Ha Giang are not only a place to barter and sell goods but also sites where visitors can experience the colorful culture of many ethnic groups. Visitors can participate in the upland fair in the districts Yen Minh, Dong Van and Meo Vac.

1. Khau Vai Love market

Khau Vai Love Market attracts thousands of people from the H’mong, Thai and Nung minorities as they search for marriage partners or old flames, bringing a carnival of colour and festivity to this scenic mountain town. We travel through Ha Giang’s spectacular Dong Van Rocky Plateau and over the immense Ma Pi Leng Pass to reach Khau Vai, a journey taking in some of Vietnam’s most spectacular landscapes. Develop your photography skills with a professional while enjoying this unique cultural experience.

2. Central market of Meo Vac district

The market is located right in the center of Meo Vac town, near the stadium, and takes place on Sunday. People often go to the market the night before and stay here the following day. This is the largest market in Ha Giang. It is also special because the fair provides cows and beef to locals.

3. Sa Phin market in Dong Van

Sa Phin is one of the busiest ethnic minority markets in northern Ha Giang Province. Around 40km from Dong Van Town, Sa Phin opens once a week from early morning to 3-4 pm in the afternoon. The market provides a good place for local people from the mountainous hamlets to gather and buy and sell essential goods for daily use. When the market closes, ethnic minority people hasten back home. Sa Phin still maintains special cultural identities of a traditional market at Dong Van Stone Plateau.

4. Ma Le frugal market, Ha Giang

Not noisy, not too bustling, the fair situated near Lung Cu peak (Dong Van District, Ha Giang Province) attracts others by the simple inherent beauty, by human sincerity and by lyrical landscape of highland

Ma Le located near Lung Cu peak , Dong Van district, Ha Giang province. Small village has long been famous for its traditional market with regular session on the morning of the weekend. It is also an opportunity to bring people around to buy and sell some products, sometimes also as an opportunity to exchange and meet friends. From the dawn, when the sun is not awake yet, residents go down to the market, in colorful dresses. Small children follow their parents to the market with playful delight, smiles on their way. The grandmothers and mothers bring babies on their backs, buying or selling. Somewhere around corn pubs, a few boys gather to drink and get drunk, the young girls meet friends talking about new towels, new dresses.

5. Xin Man Market

Exploring local markets in the northeastern moun-tainous provinces, such as Ha Giang, could be one of the most interesting memories of foreign tourists who travel throughout Vietnam.

Xin Man District, one of ten districts in Ha Giang, is a small, tranquil place near the Chinese border. It has much to offer tourists, particularly its Sunday market where a wide range of local fruit specialties, such as plum, peach, wild banana and corn, are available at very cheap prices.

Attending these markets, you will be looking at ethnic girls in the most beautiful dresses, packing everything behind their back, taking to the market from chickens to pigs, from dresses, scarves to sharpened knives, bundle of freshly picked vegetables from the garden. They exchange: to sell things to the market, take advantage of buying other things. Children going to the market are very delightful in playing. Some children huddle with friends, some children look after their mother’s goods and children are carried on the back to the market. Shout and playing are flurry in all the market. Coming to Ha Giang, do not miss this intriguing, realistic experience.

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