The Appeared a New Sapa in Lai Chau

Nga Do
Bring in the unique nature of a famous tourist area of Sapa, Sin Ho plateau considered as the "Second Sapa of the Northwest Forests", Sin Ho is only a few tens of kilometers away from Lai Chau town, with high mountain ranges. This is an interesting destination for many travelers while traveling in the country.

Sin Ho district is 60 km west of Lai Chau city. Its north borders China’s Yunnan province and its south neighbors Tua Chua district, while Phong Tho and Muong Te district are in east and west of Sin Ho. Distance from Hanoi: 433 km.  Visitors from Lai Chau township have to go through forests and caves and cross streams to reach to Sin Ho. The district is also accessible from Dien Bien city. 

Coming to Sin Ho plateau, It will definitely give you an enjoyable experience that is not available anywhere. The slope joins the slope, the pass connects the pass, the roads like the silk strands crossing the middle of the mountain. On the one side is the abyss, one side is high cliffs with mist drifting. It was the first impression of any traveler when first travelling to Sin Ho, a mountainous district of Lai Chau province.

Being considered as a second Sa Pa of the Northwest, but the weather in Sin Ho is even more “kinky” than Sapa. In brief time, clouds spill over from the deep valleys, small town is loomed in the mists cold. Again in brief time, it will rain, even heavy rain. The massive rainfall pour onto green forests and all places. But short time later, the sun will “rush back” and shine brilliantly.

When the fog clears, the rain disappears, beautiful scenery appears again with the generous, fresh and incredible clarity. Wandering on Sin Ho plateau, visitors can be amazed before mountain peaks stretched white clouds, at the same time shocked suddenly by a full yellow sunny valley. The terraced fields prepare entering harvest season also add more color to a both strange and familiar painting. A simple cottage equivocal in green forest and mountain also awakes our curiosity.

Besides, visitors can be interested in any casual daily life here. An ethnic woman carries water on back, is shamble to the hill top. A little girl smiling rides buffalo coming back home at dusk. An old Hmong woman chases chicken next to slender barrier. Land and peace is so rustic and peaceful that makes our heart more beautiful more quite.

Going deeply into remote villages, I felt like I was lost in fairy space many times: A lovely small wooden house, some funny pigs find food at the edge of forest, also some ethnic people sit and talk on roadside, look strangers with bewildered eyes. 

Up to Sin Ho, if you have chance to join Sin Ho market, you will find a multifold character of people living here. People from remote villages pour into the market with goods carried on back which are mostly made by themselves. The murmur of selling and purchasing, colorful clothes, gentle faces, etc that all create a colorful picture and full of vivid sound of beautiful life.

Wandering on Sin Ho plateau, each foot step will make you feel the life so long and wide, so much enchanted. Every step makes you love more this this great Northwest land. 

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