Top 6 scenic "Lake on the mountain" beautiful in Vietnam

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Nature always bring in the beauty that makes people want to discover forever. Get away from the urban scene full of joy, return to the peace, relax with the journey to find and stop in the first of 10 beautiful lake on the mountain famous throughout all of Vietnam.

1. Ba be lake - Bac Kan

Ba Be Lake is well-known for being the largest natural freshwater lake in Vietnam and one of sixteen most beautiful lakes in the world. Ban Gioc Fall is the fourth biggest border-crossing waterfalls in the world, lies in the middle of the vast limestone mountain range of Ba Be National Park, surrounded by cliffs with very original and attractive forms and shapes. Be Lake itself is actually three small lakes joined together – Pe Lam, Pe Lu and Pe Leng.

Located 145m above sea level, the lake has an average depth from 20 to 25m and its deepest part is 35m so travelers are suggested to wear life-jackets during the cruise to keep safe. The lake bed has submersible mounts and grottoes so it is ideal for aquatic animals.

2. Nui Coc lake - Thai Nguyen

Nui Coc Lake is an artificial freshwater lake, crowded on weekends. Only 16 km from the center of Thai Nguyen city, visitors can easily travel to the lake by various means such as motorbike, car and bus. The best time to go to Nui Coc Lake is from March to September, the weather is cool.

Places to visit can not be overlooked include the Am Phu cave, Thuy Cung, Huyen Thoai Cung, Nui Coc area, or to duck boat to monkey island, goat island, Stork island to explore nature.

3. Thac Bac lake - Sapa

Thac Bac Lake is one of the Sa Pa tourist attractions that any adventurous travelers will stop. This is one of the famous scenic spots of San Sa Ho village - Sa Pa district, located on the 14D highway.

Standing at the foot of Silver Waterfall, we can see the water flowing down, white foam bubbling discharge. After climbing the rock steps to the top of this waterfall, you will immerse into the majestic scenery of mountains before the eyes. The scene is immense, the air in relief makes people always feel relaxed, serene.

4. Cloud Lake - Vung Tau

Lying on the middle of Tuong Ky Mountain, Cloud Lake appears with poetic scenery, with one side of the mountain and one side of the sea. Every evening, you will be sure to see a wonderful scene when the cloud of clouds slammed down hugging the top of the mountain and lake.

Coming to Cloud Lake, visitors can experience three types of tourism is ecotourism ecological tourism with cherry blossom gardens, Caribe pine forest, forest lakes, animal farms; spiritual travel with the Buddhist temple with the statue of Maitreya Buddha 30 m high, La Han Tang, the Buddha's relic of relics relics ...; Many entertainment services such as thrilling game, water park and children's park.

5. Thang Hen lake - Cao Bang

Located 30 km from Cao Bang city along Highway 205, Thang Hen lake is one of the most prominent and attractive eco-tourist spots, with many charming scenery attached to the thrilling legends.

The typical water color of Thang Hen Lake is blue jade, even during the flood season. The surrounding natural lakes have many natural specialties with more than 100 different types of large fish.

6. Noong lake - Ha Giang

Noong Lake is a natural lake in Phu Long commune, Vi Xuyen district, Ha Giang province, 23 km from Ha Giang. The lake is famous for its floating trees, one of the most popular floating forests in Vietnam.

Come to Ha Giang, do not forget to enjoy the unique food like bitter fish, duck, goat, chicken forest. The most famous here is the bitter fish with different types of processing such as grilled onions, fried fish, cooked with sour leaves, pickles or carrots.

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