The most beautiful landscapes in North Vietnam in October

Nga Do
October, the month of autumn with cold winds, of the sun's rays shine in the early morning. Stepping off the road, we will feel the air change clear when the weather turns to autumn: cold morning, dry sunshine afternoon. At that time, people were carrying their bags, traveling on cross country roads, looking for the land typical of October beauty. Let Vietnam Typical Tours explore the ideal destination in the North in October.

1. Buckwheat flower hill in Ha Giang

Tam Giac Mach (Fagopyrum esculentum flowers) - Triangle buckwheat flowers are characteristic flowers of the mountainous northern provinces like Lao Cai, Cao Bang, Ha Giang. However, in Ha Giang, Tam Giac Mach looks more and most beautiful. Flowers bloom and has the most beautiful color in the late fall from October to November every year.

Attractions that you should not miss are Dong Van town, Meo Vac mountain pass, Ha Biang museum, Hoang Su Phi rice terrace fields, Khau Vai love market, Mong King House, and much more. Embrace the uniqueness of Ha Giang's culinary with Meo chicken, pigs carried under one's arms (lon cap nach), five-colored glutinous rice, horse meat (thang co), and so on. Tourists will maintain the hope of visiting this wonderful region once more.

2. Mist covered the Mai Chau valley in early morning

Located in the west of Hoa Binh about 140 km from Hanoi, Mai Chau Valley is a destination to attract tourists to nature and discover the life of the Thai people.

Not blooming peach flowers, plum flowers, nor the season flowers bloom white forest, but Mai Chau October still have the charm of the heart. Early morning wake up in the Mai Chau valley, overlooking the fog of lightly flying on the ground, enjoy the fresh air you will feel better and love life better.

Mai Chau in October brings the beauty of the green mountains and forests, rustic simplicity of the low rice fields and the simplicity of the people of the mountain region. And this is the most beautiful time of the year in Mai Chau.

3. Immense beauty of the white cauliflower flowers in Moc Chau

In October, come to Moc Chau, also immersed in a white of cauliflower flowers. The color of the garden makes couples feel, traveling together, indeed does not waste. Broccoli has no incense, but it makes people smell the rosemary in the sky. Fragile petals swing in front of the wind, the couple enlisted with people to record the romantic moments.

4. Enjoy the 4 seasons of the day in the misty town - Sapa

People in Sapa early in the morning, will see the color of rice hidden in the thick mist, miraculously strange, so that the eyes dreaming of a mysterious world after the curtain of the other. Then, when the sun is golden, the color of golden rice is grown at a clear, peaceful peace in the smell of rice in the smell of his homeland.

October of the autumn on the land of faint Sapa is when the air will suddenly be cold. And at times like that, people enjoy sitting by the fire, firewood, corn wine, peace in the stories.

5. The charming scenery of the Yen stream during Lily flower bloom

When it comes to the Huong pagoda, people often refer to Yen Stream crowded with boats and pilgrims, boisterous voices but the scenery is different here in the fall. The hectic and crowded atmosphere of the Huong pagoda festival is no more. The Yen Stream becomes peaceful and more romantic with tranquil space and blooming water lilies.

Water lilies usually bloom brightly in the morning and again in the afternoon. Many photographers traveled from Saigon to here just to take some pictures. This season, sometimes you just see a boat carrying travelers visiting the Perfume Pagoda, mostly foreigners and southerners. The people indulge in tobacco smoke in small boats, ducks swim around... Specifically, you will be immersed in the colors of autumn and the bright color of lilies stretching across the stream.

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