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Ha Giang is always one of the most attractive places in Northern Vietnam appreciated by not only inland visitors but also abroad adventurers. However, have you ever asked yourself that beside some popular destinations like Lung Cu Flagpole, Dong Van ancient town and Bi-mountain of Tam Son, is there any other delightful experiences? Ok! The article below can give you the best answer.

Camping overnight outside

The feeling of waking up in a completely strange place is very interesting. You can pick up the first dawn on the top of the windswept pass, enjoy the special smell of grass, look far away from the curved grazing hills embracing the mountains. You can look for campgrounds with beautiful views to enjoy the dawn in a Vietnam tour such as the peak of Ma Pi Leng, Don Cao Peak, etc. Sipping early coffee with friends and inhale the fresh air of the new day on the rocky plateau are all to make up best experience for your trip.

Crossing the Nho Que River with rafts

Some people, after crossing the steep slopes onto the border of Son Vi, choose traveling by rafts to back to Meo Vac. This helps to considerably shorten the time of traveling when the route through Xin Cai is very long. The bamboo rafts are attached to a very simple steel wire pulley system, which only works till about 5 p.m. It will be a challenging journey but also an adventure activity in Vietnam to conquer the Nho Que river for those who love risks.

Spending nights homestay in a remote village

Homestay services are already popular in Dong Van town, but the feeling of sleeping in a remote village is always more interesting. Trying staying in Lung Cu, Khau Vai, Du Gia, Lung Ho ... will help you experience the best life of ethnic people here. Traveling in a small group in a mountain biking in Vietnam and always showing your friendliness and politeness, you will certainly not be denied. However, do not outstay the hosts’ welcome or you will leave a bad impression on them.

Exploring wild caves

Ha Giang has many caves, some were found and put into tourism exploitation. Nonetheless, there are still many mysterious caves, especially in the areas of Ngam La and Lung Ho. Exploring caves is a no less surprising risky experience for backpackers. You should be well prepared for specialized equipment for mountain biking in Vietnam and ask for the permission of the local authorities before your journey.

Join in unique festivals

Rocky Plateau is a culturally diverse land with many indigenous peoples. Many interesting festivals like Tet, Khau Vai love market, Gau Tao festival ... are really attractive to join and you will have unforgettable memories after that. However, the festivals only take place on a fixed number of days in the year or change periodically so you need to check carefully before the plan to go for this memorable mountain biking in Vietnam.

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