Magnificient Ha Giang - Best season for visiting

Nga Do
When it comes to the highest latitudes of Vietnam, the province of Ha Giang (Hà Giang), is a great place for contemplating the grandiose mountainous landscapes. The residents in Ha Giang are mainly of minor ethnic groups. This article will give you some information on Ha Giang travel, helping you have an overview about this land and prepare your best if you have chance to visit it. Let’s get started!

The northernmost province of Vietnam is also one of the poorest and most secluded in Vietnam. With that being said, Ha Giang offers some of the best mountainous views in Southeast Asia, especially when you weave your way through the imposing Ma Pi Leng Pass, the King of Passes in Vietnam. At 1.500m, the twisty road here lies right on the steep limestone mountain, with the Nho Que River looming far beneath. Truly breathtaking!

Just like Sapa and Moc Chau, it’s also the right time to take a trip to the “last frontier” of North Vietnam – Ha Giang. In winter, Ha Giang is much colder compared to other highlands due to its altitude. And because the lands are so diverse making the landscape so stunning and scenic. Riding up to the slopes of Ma Pi Leng pass in a dry winter day is dangerous yet very rewarding with the full scene of Tu San chasm and the poetic Nho Que river running between mountains. Homestaying in H’mong traditional houses and enjoying the very special dishes of ethnic people like thang den, colorful sticky rice and au tau soup would be wonderful experiences in Ha Giang.

After this scenic drive, don’t forget to take part in a Sunday session of Dong Van Market, one of the best ways to get connected and learn more about the daily lives of the ethnic minorities in the far north. The magnificent plateau landscapes of Ha Giang also change their color from months to months, with different kinds of flowers blooming. But we recommend the best time to visit Ha Giang is during the Lunar New Year, when several unique festivals and rituals will take place.

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