The miracle of Sapa attracts tourists

Nga Do
It can be said that Vietnam tourism today is growing and is one of the countries with foreign tourists to the largest annual. With many famous tourist attractions, Sapa is an interesting destination not to be missed

Coming to Sapa, tourists will surely feel the nice weather, nature and people harmonize as well as beautiful waterfalls … It can be said that visitors have been attracted by the characteristics of Sapa. Long time ago, Sapa is located on the Hoang Lien Range or is known internationally as the Tonkinese Alps. Hoang Lien range runs along the northwestern region of Vietnam to the Chinese . The northwestern part of the mountain range has many high mountains over 2,800 m, including the Fansipan ( 3,143 m ), the highest montain in Indochina.

At the top of the mountains, visitors can see the terraced fields stretching down the valleys, home to many ethnic minorities . Sapa contains many wonders of nature, natural landscape with mountainous terrain, the green forests, creating a harmonious picture and attractive landscape from the high land of the North West in Vietnam.

Besides, there are also other interesting experiences you should try such as enjoy the beautiful terraced fields, visit Muong Hoa valley, see the sunrise and the sunset, stay at a homestay and to visit famous places: Cat Cat village, Ham Rong mountain, O Quy Ho Pass, etc.., taste lots of delicious foods here.

Join us in the journey discover Sapa with this low budget Sapa 2 days 1 night by bus, Sapa tour 3 days 2 nights, Sapa tour 3 days 2 nights by train,… Surely you will have a very interesting experience.

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