The easiest way to discover Hanoi – the beautiful capital of Vietnam!

Nga Do
Let's catch a glimpse of ancient Hanoi with small houses, charming old people sitting in the pavement on tiny tiny chair, selling some tea, traditional sweets such as peanut candy, sugar candy and smoking mapacho with a long bamboo pipe and have many great photos to share with your beloved ones after the trip!

Hanoi - one of the most attractive destinations in journey explore the north of Vietnam. Explore Vietnam’s northern jewels. Take an in-depth look at Hanoi, stepping back in time at the Temple of Literature and wandering the vibrant maze of streets in the Old Quarter. Discover a corner of Vietnam where ancient history and stunning landscapes collide.

The Old Quarter is a great first jaunt in Hanoi with its insane energy and unique character. All manner of foods, creatures and scooters can be found in the Old Quarter.

Scooter dodging is required, and the local Hanoians have it down to an art. Foreigners not so much. But with a little practice one might have only a moderate chance of significant bodily injury while crossing roads.That chance slightly increases during rush hour.

A map of the area is useful, but not required unless you have somewhere specific to go. Just get your bearings for North and South by remembering Hoan Kiem lake is to the South. Having a landmark in mind is a good idea for retaining a sense of direction. For a decent wander in the Old Quarter, you'll need at least four to five hours, preferably in the morning to early afternoon when it isn't so blistering hot (in the summer.)

Try the local coffee

Vietnamese love their coffee, and there is no lack of coffee shops offering up many java varieties. During our trip we randomly check out five coffee shops and try different kinds of iced and hot blends. Word of warning: Those that like their coffee light will need lots of sugar as many of the Vietnamese blends can be potent, eye-popping cups of dark black goodness.

Tip: Don't drink the tap water, but ice is generally OK in Hanoi as the bars, restros, and other venues tend always to use clean-water ice not made from tap water.

Catch a water puppet show

As a respite from the heat (or cold humidity in the winter months), drop in and see a water puppet show at Thang Long Water Puppet Theater. Water Puppetry is uniquely Vietnamese, and originated near Hanoi nearly 1,000 years ago.

Today, visiting the Thang Long Water Puppet Theater is almost as interesting for tourist watching as it is for checking out the traditional puppet performance. Rows of Germans, Americans and Canadians line the seats during our visit. The show itself features the dancing forms of puppets manipulated by their puppeteers in a shallow pond or wading pool and is quite entertaining.

Try the street food

Hanoi is renowned for its street food, with some calling it the best in Vietnam, and potentially even in Asia. There are street food vendors all over the city, with a large concentration in the Old Quarter and around Hoan Kiem Lake.

Sanitation concerns aside, those looking to truly delve into the local culture should definitely try digging in at one of the many barbecue stalls, noodle stands, tea and coffee stands, and corner shops.

It is no coincidence that the capital Hanoi is the people of Vietnam as well as foreign tourists love it so. Let yourself experience this great things in Vietnam.

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