"Quẩy Tấu" - beautiful culture of the Hmong on the stone plateau

Nga Do
Considered as an "no separation" object of the Mong ethnic group on the Dong Van Plateau. Killers have become the unmixed beauty of the people here. Traveling to Ha Giang to explore this unique cultural beauty.

The role of "quẩy tấu" in the Hmong people

Hmong people have a lot of things associated with living and production, one of the closest objects is Quẩy Tấu. H'mong can be used as a tool when it comes to farming. It is used to bring the products from the fields such as maize, vegetables, logs, etc. When it comes to the market, it is used to store products. chemistry Therefore, from this life, this widget has become the beauty of the Mong people on the plateau of Dong Van. Quẩy Tấu knitting has helped to bring income to local people, contributing to poverty reduction while preserving and developing the traditional profession of indigenous people.

Quẩy Tấu - beautiful image on the stone plateau

If you have the opportunity to visit the stone plateau, visitors will see the image of the Hmong women on the back is Quẩy Tấu land poured into each stone niche to grow corn or bring goods to the market. Life is growing, many items can replace but the Quẩy tấu is still indispensable for the Mong. Because H'mong people think that wearing them on their back, people will feel stronger, more confident than the nature of the mountains.

In the Hmong village, from the moment of birth, the child was introduced to the Quẩy tấu when together her mother go to work, go to the market, and at the age of 5, up to 6 adults were knit separately for one. From there, Quẩy Tấu step by step with them step into life.

The instrument is not only of cultural value but also of mystical spiritual elements. On the traditional Tet holiday of the Hmong, this familiar widget is respectfully placed on the altar at the heart of the new people to see how the people here attach importance to this widget. Visitors can learn more about the detox and better understand the use of this item in the tour Ha Giang!

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