Legend of Ma Phuc Pass and Special Market

Nga Do
Ma Phuc Pass of Cao Bang Province is on the way between Cao Bang Town and the Ban Gioc Waterfall. The pass is not famous with the elevation or the danger like some others in Vietnam, but with the natural beauty that you could capture from the top of the pass.

From the Ma Phuc Pass back to the border "own" a special climate, winter is cold to numb, but the summer is unusually cool, like paradise resort. If the chestnut, the brand of Trung Khanh out of the pass that is planted, the tree will be stunted, not even grow, but just planted in this land will be green but not equal to the Trung Khanh.

Perhaps, no particular pass as the Ma Phuc Pass,crooked by the towering limestone mountains, on the pass does not seem to have a large and flat ground but now it becomes a place. The market, crowded business center of the whole area.

Anyone who has ever come here will not forget the "specialty" beef at this legendary pass. Every day the market consumes hundreds of kilograms of beef provided to indigenous people as well as passers. The brand of beef on the peak of the Ma Phuc has become a specialty that anyone who has the opportunity to visit Cao Bang want to buy as gifts.

The Ma Phuc Pass winding winding but equally adventurous, causing heart attack for those who first go through. At the top of the pass are two high limestone mountains that keep as a gate. when reaches the top of the pass, from this unique road is divided into two, a road continues up the pass to the center of Tra Linh district and then to Trung Quoc border, another road down the pass and then spread to the remaining 4 districts.

A person living near the pass said: the peak of Ma Phuc pass is often chosen as a place to stop for rest and continue the journey. Because this is the pass "unique" so the traffic is quite bustling.

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