Interesting Things From Homestay Travel

Nga Do
There is no need to prepare too much for a homestay vacation as you will live as indigenous people, eat, live and work with the host. Currently in Vietnam many places have this service.

1. What is Homestay Travel?

Homestay is a type of "green tourism" ideal for young people who love to explore culture in the new land. When traveling on a homestay, instead of staying at a hotel or motel, you will be right in the home of the locals to have a closer and more realistic view of their own way of life and culture. Guests are considered as a member of the family and participate in everyday activities such as eating lunch and chat with members. Guests are also required to "enter the customary" and know how to respect certain rules and privacy of the host.

2. Prepare before the trip

Find out about the customs, customs and culture of your destination. This will help a lot in getting to know the new environment and getting along with the local people. There is no need to prepare too much for a homestay vacation as you will live as a native, eat, live in, and work with them. If it is a mountain holiday, in addition to the necessary supplies, be sure to bring warm clothes because the night temperature can be very cold. You should also bring some tea, favorite snacks or a book ...

3. Some destinations have homestay tours in Vietnam

Sapa homestay is now one of the interesting and attractive travels, which are selected and experienced by many visitors. This is a wonderful experience in the Sapa trip, bringing new and strange feeling to visitors.

In Sapa, the homestay model is particularly attractive to tourists because the houses are mainly made of rare foxwood growing up in the middle of the mountains, harmony in the peaceful setting of the romantic Muong Hoa valley and  the Hoang Lien mountain range deep blue, immense. Only one night with homestay service in Sapa, you will discover cultural customs, socializing, bathe leaves medicine and enjoying traditional indigenous cuisine.

Lac Village - Mai Chau is also one of the ideal places for homestay travel after Sapa. Currently, Lac has 74/112 households registered for homestay with services such as sleeping on stilts, eating Lam rice, watching Thai folk arts and set fire to the camp,  visiting the stilt house and go to the forest to find the cave ethnic reverence. In Lac village, each owner is a very caring guide, you can ask them anything from the origin of the house, family, activities ... watch the family photos on the wall of the house. During the day you hear the birds chirping, watching the Thai girls with fancy dresses, night to comfortably drink alcohol to discuss impartiality without  fear of disturbing the homeowner.

Hoi An is now more and more attracted by its choice for its new look and its wildlife. Only in a short time homestay travelers have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the world cultural heritage and can understand more about the habits, activities and culture of residents Hoi An. Going to the market, cooking and enjoying traditional food is an enjoyable experience with homestay in Hoi An.

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