Do you know that there are many things you can do at night in Hanoi?

Nga Do
Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, which brings interesting and wonderful things with itself in order to fascinate many tourists from other countries in the world. Before starting a journey to discover attractions of Vietnam, from urban places to the countryside, you should experience day trips in Hanoi to know about things to do in Hanoi at night.

One of which is visiting Quang Ba Flower Market at night. The market is only open from 3 to 8 a.m. daily. The market area on Nghi Tam dike (Tay Ho district) is always busy with sellers and buyers. This is primarily a commercial market, supplying all the floral shops and roving flower vendors for the city of Hanoi. Although there is a permanent, roofed structure at the Hanoi Flower Market, most of the vendors set up their offerings on the backs of their motorcycles, scooters, trucks or carts.

Once you are there, you will see a very different Hanoi. When the city is asleep, Quang Ba flower market is still bustle, full of colors. The light emitted from the light bulbs makes the market even more colorful and fanciful.

A visit to the Hanoi Flower Market is a memorable experience that you shouldn’t ignore. Even if this plan means staying awake all night, you won’t regret visiting it. As with any busy market, keep your eyes peeled for motorbikes zipping along unexpected spaces, and be ready to get out of the way.

The flowers are extremely cheap, thus you can pick a pretty bunch of your favorite flowers to enjoy while you are staying in Hanoi.

The flower market also serves traditional Vietnamese food all night long. You will see many food areas with those famous plastic chairs. One of the must-tries is stir-fried rice noodles with beef slices (vegetarian option is also available) just say the magic word “chay”.

What can be more amazing than have a very early morning coffee surrounded by the fresh blooming flowers of all kinds? It is also a good time to explore and experience more about Hanoi before embarking on a journey to explore Halong & Sapa packages. A visit to Vietnam is one time you experience the hidden corner of the beautiful country of vietnam beautiful.

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