Hanoi, Vietnam - Historical and Beautiful Capital

Nga Do
The historical capital of Vietnam for 1000 years, Hanoi is undoubtedly the cultural venue where a lot of ancient vestiges have been surviving against the ravage of wars and the harshness of the time.

Hanoi is Vietnam’s capital. It’s a beautiful city that blends cultures of East and West. Hanoi is not only capital but also is traditional, historical and cultural city of Vietnam long time ago. Especially, Hanoi Old Quarter attracts a lot of tourist every year with many small, meandering streets, each shows the name of the goods that was specifically traded there such as Hang Bac (Silver Product), Hang Ma (Paper Product), Thuoc Bac (Herb Product) and Hang Vai (Silk Product), just to name a few. Furthermore, almost well-know destinations in Hanoi lay close to each other so you can walking or by cycle to visit around there such as Hoan Kiem Lake, Literature Temple, One Pillar Pagoda, Sword Lake, West Lake, History Museum, Flag Pole.

Brief History of Hanoi

The ancient Hanoians have long inhabited there at least 3000 BC. Historically, Co Loa Citadel was found as one of the first known permanent settlement about 200 BC ago. Going through the long history under the Chinese domination and French occupation, Hanoi has got various names, but then in the year of 1831, Ming Mang King officially named it as “Ha Noi” (meaning “the hinterland between the rivers”), which become the cherished name of the capital today. The other milestone to remember is on July 2, 1976 – Hanoi became the capital of the reunified Vietnam.


Hanoi is in the Red River Delta, in the center of Northern Vietnam. About the surrounding of the capital, it is Thai Nguyen and Vinh Phuc Provinces to the north; Bac Giang, Bac Ninh, and Hung Yen Provinces to the east; Hoa Binh and Phu Tho Provinces to the west, Hoa Binh and Ha Nam Provinces to the south. The territory of Hanoi is embraced and washed by the Red River of nearly 40km long. Besides, there are several other rivers that flow through the capital constantly.

Best Time to visit Hanoi-the Capital of Vietnam

Most of the year, the weather in Hanoi is non-tropical. Spring and autumn is the best time to visit Hanoi since the temperature is warm but not too hot nor too cold.

From May to November it is incredibly hot and humid. You shower and dry off only to be sweaty again.

From November to February Hanoi can be very chilly, with everyone wrapping up in coats and gloves.

Hanoi is like many other Asian capitals. It has several ancient monuments, weathered colonial buildings and many modern hotels and office blocks. A combination of old and new, Hanoi is a city that has weathered through the long centuries with style, grace and pride.

Hanoi is the world’s 14th most populous city but it has managed to remain compact, historic and full of charm. The younger generation are very friendly and the city has a definite cosmopolitan feel to it. Hanoi-the Capital of Vietnam today is very different to what it was 10 years ago.

Hanoi is situated in a region steeped with historical sites and beautiful landscapes. The city itself is a treasure-chest of places to visit. Advance planning may be necessary to see everything but with so many sites, you may need to stay a little longer. This is truly a ideal destination for your vacation in Vietnam.

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