Discover the most worth – living city in Vietnam.

Nga Do
There are probably many people who think that Halong and Sapa are the best destinations in Vietnam. However, the reality is not so.

Fresh air, clean environment, no robbery, free WiFi, cheap price and good public service are typical characteristics to describe Danang city. Danang is one of the world’s 20 low-carbon cities. Additionally, Danang international airport is ranked top 3 world’s best airports. Also, Danang is in the list of world’s most luxurious chain hotels.

Coming to Danang, you will be surprised by Dragon Bridge, “Carp turns into Dragon” statue (which weights 200 tons and faces Han River). Danang is the main commercial and educational hub in the central of Vietnam. This city aims to become a “Singapore of Vietnam” by 2020.

Visiting Danang, you will be able to enjoy the most charming beach on the planet, aside from mountains and passes, and luxurious resorts, but you will still not feel like being in a popular tourist destination which is crowded, triggering the fear of being “rip off” at anytime and anywhere. It is easily understood because local people in Danang do not consider this city as a place for “pickpocketing” tourists. For them, this is simply a beloved city – the pride of every person, and they love it dearly to such an extent that they always want to keep the best image about Danang in the heart of everyone who ever sets their feet here.

Visiting Danang, tourists do not have to spend much effort or time to visit the nearby famous tourists attractions. They can ride the bike to head to Hoi An, or can take the bus to go to Lang Co for sightseeing, or go straight ahead to Hue to enjoy the taste of an ancient capital. The distance from Danang to My Son (Mỹ Sơn) Sanctuary is not far that allows you to depart almost right instantly. For those tourists who love the feelings of adventure, driving the motorbike on the Hai Van (Hải Vân) Pass will surely be an ecstatic experience because the spectacular, majestic of Vietnam will appear to the fullest when you drive across this pass.

If Hue (Huế) and Hoi An always make tourists reminiscent because of the image of an ancient capital, Danang, on the other hand, triggers the feeling of wanting coming back because of the civilization and modernity and “transformation” after each visit.

The stunning coastal paths also make tourists extremely excited. The resorts are in close proximity to one another, creating very gorgeous but poetic scenery. You should rend a motorbike to go if you want to enjoy all the sea breeze, just as liberal as the vitality of the Central area of Vietnam.

The thing that makes people love this land of sun and wind is obviously people here. When arriving in Danang, Quang (Quảng) people will give you the first gift – the smile. No matter where you come from, what your job is, they are still attentive and enthusiastic when you want to ask for directions, hotel address, and even some drivers, cycle riders will design the tour for first-time tourists.

They will also enthusiastically advise you the addresses of the restaurants which are cheap and delicious, what means you should use to travel a certain tourist attraction, the amount of time you have to spend to get a specific place… In general, coming to Danang, you will never be afraid of opening your mouth to ask and will be responded with as-much-as-possible enthusiasm of local people. Even, you will want to talk more and more with them, because their voice and talking way are very interesting.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Giau (Nguyễn Ngọc Giàu), a cyclo rider, is very proud when introducing about Danang – about the enthusiasm, friendliness of people here. That pride and love lie in the veins of each citizen of the city, from the vendor to taxi drivers, pedicab, newspaper sellers, from the old to the youth,… When it comes to Danang, they could ramble all day long about the idyllic culture here, with the affectionate voice of the Central people. Even, they will tell you about their city until you get annoyed, because you know that then you still have to leave this wonderful place after a short trip.

Danang, where is considered the most worth living city in Vietnam, is a beautiful city on the bank of poetic Han River. The perfect location of leaning on the mountain, facing the blue sea creates a gentle and beautiful Da Nang so that tourist who once come here has unforgettable memories.

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