There is a Romantic Studio In Ha Giang

Nga Do
Flower Buckwheat in Ha Giang is more beautiful than the studio. In the season of the flower buckwheat, the paparazzi, the girls have the desire to take pictures, have the desire to take a set of pictures kept beauty find out with buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang. The valley flowers here are large and colorful, extremely natural, pure will certainly be extremely wonderful background for your photos.
Pink fields of buckwheat flowers spreading in Ha Giang have created a hard-to-resist appeal for tourists in recent years.  Ha Giang Autumn reminds its lovers the gorgeous images of romantic fields of buckwheat flowers. From Hanoi, tourists can travel to Ha Giang by coach or by motorbike to explore famous attractions of the province such as Dong Van, Meo Vac, Xin Man - Hoang Su Phi, etc. to make own experiences. 

Rice terraces, buckwheat flowers, or anything in Ha Giang can leave people nostalgia. Buckwheat flowers often bloom in the late autumn from mid-October to November and December. Firstly, these flowers have white color, then they gradually turn into pink and finally become red.  Buckwheat flowers are very tiny with bunched wings and three triangle faces creating conical shape. Besides, leaves of this flower also have triangular shape; therefore, Vietnamese people often call it as "tam giac mach", which means buckwheat flowers. Buckwheat flowers has the great appeal to tourists, therefore, recently, Ha Giang has replicated it in many locations to meet the demands of travelers who desire to admire the flowers.

Nobody knows exactly how long the buckwheat plants have been in the region. However, the locals often use its grain-like seeds to make their food, such as cakes and to make a kind of tasty wine. The buckwheat flower is small and has pink-white colors at the beginning of blooming and then turning into light purple. Its petals form a pyramid with three triangular faces surrounding a seed in the centre. 

From the town of Ha Giang, “Happy Road” leads visitors to the world of buckwheat flower on Dong Van Stone Plateau as Sung La, Pho Cao in Dong Van District or on the sides of the road to the districts of Dong Van and Meo Vac and the path on Ma Pi Leng Pass, creating a charming highland. 

The flowers really turn the region into a “romantic natural painting”, fascinating all visitors to the highland. If you are a fan the pure beauty of nature, do not miss this rare itinerary.  

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