The Fanciful Dawn On The Bach Moc Luong Tu Peak

Nga Do
Coming to Sapa, those who love adventure will think about Fansipan, but in recent years Bach Moc Luong Tu becomes the most attractive destination because of it pristine and breathtaking  beauty. Especially the dawn on the Bach Moc Luong Tu peak, magical and extremely romantic.

Bach Moc Luong Tu Mountain is the fourth highest peak in Vietnam’s top 10 highest peaks. It was discovered by travelers and found in 2012. 

Bach Moc Luong Tu located in the majestic Hoang Lien Son Mountains. The top is 3,046m above the sea level, and ranks as the fourth tallest mountain in Vietnam, just shorter than Fansipan (3,143m), Pu Ta Leng (3,096m), and Pu Si Lung (3,076m). It is also very rocky and hasty, that who is afraid of heights should not try to trek. However it is an ideal top for who want to challenge themselves, with pristine and challenging beauty has raised the passion of conquering the pinnacle of young people. Climbers will have to cross the 30km of forest road with a variety of terrains ranging from barren hills, forests, … plain terrain or steep cliffs.

However, all of these challenges are rewarded when conquering Salt Mount with a sea of cloudiness, the feeling of bursting to the summit or the conquest itself.

The interested things of the Bach Moc Mountain do not lie in the destination but on the whole journey. They are wild forest of the Hoang Lien, amazing waterfalls and stream in the road, and the magical beauty of majestic mountains. Adventurers also have chance to admire many colorful strange flowers in the road

The best time to enjoy the wonderful natural scenery is at dawn and sunset, when the sun rising between the floating clouds ocean and when the sun peeks out from behind ridges create magical light. From Bach Moc Moutain, tourists could see very clearly the massifs of Hoang Lien Son rising among clouds ocean. Bach Moc Luong Tu is really deserved to be dubbed as meeting place between heaven and earth.

If you are interested in exploring and traveling adventure Bach Moc Luong Tu is a destination not to be missed.

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