Destinations in Cao Bang Not Everyone Knows

Nga Do
Cao Bang is the most beautiful mountain area in the northeast and famous with scenic spots including the Ban Gioc Waterfall, Nguom Ngao grotto and Thang Hen lake, but more than that, for its impressive image as one of Vietnam’s first revolutionary bases full of historical significance.

The beauty of the famous destinations of Cao Bang below is the reason that  I think you shouldn't be missed.

1. Discover the most beautiful waterfall in Vietnam

Ban Gioc Waterfall is now an attractive beauty spot for national and international visitors. Travelling some 272 km from Hanoi, you will reach the splendid fall. The River forms the border between Vietnam and China; consequently the falls are half in Vietnam and half in China. The flow divides into many branches that create Ban Gioc Waterfall.

Ban Gioc is the largest in the country, though not the highest. With a height of 53 meters and a width of 300 meters, the waterfall is divided into 3 layers. It is separated into three falls by rocks and trees, and you can hear the thundering sounds of the water hitting the cliffs kilometers away from Trung Khanh. Recently, Ban Gioc Waterfall (Vietnam) has been listed in top 10 greatest waterfalls in the world by WondersList website – a dedicated blog to present top 10 lists from around the world in a variety of categories.

2. Thang Hen - romantic lake in Cao Bang

Thang Hen is located in Tra Linh District, about 25km far from Cao Bang town with 3000m in length and 1000m in width. “Thang Hen” in the local language means “lake retention”. Its stream is from Thang Hen cave above.

Thang Hen Lake is the peaceful shelter for resting, sightseeing and photographing. The freshwater lake is located at 1000m above the sea level and encompassed by the rugged mountains, giving it the breathtaking face especially in the rainy season. It’s possible to walk to the nearby mountains to meet the local farmers and enjoy the ultimate peace. Regarding the name of the Lake, in Tay language, “Thang Hen” means “the tail of the bee.” If viewing the lake from the top dimension, it looks similar to the shape of the bee’s tail. There are also some anecdotes about the origin of the lake. This site is well-known for the charming scene as well as unbeatable peace.

3. Nguom Ngao Cave with masterpiece in stone

Nguom Ngao, an astonishing cave with stalactites of various shapes, is the most famous limestone grotto in the northern mountain province of Cao Bang thanks to its uniqueness and size. Visiting the cave, you will be captivated by its wild beauty. Nguom Ngao Cave in Gun Hamlet, Dam Thuy Village, Trung Khanh District was discovered in 1921 by local people. It is considered a most beautiful cave in Vietnam thanks to its uniqueness and size. 

This cave is located next to the Ban Gioc Waterfall and 90 km from the city of Cao Bang. According to a survey of the British Caving Association in 1995, the cave has a total length of 2144 meters with 3 doors: Nguom Ngao and Ban Lom Nguom Nguom. This cave is rich in stalactites and stalagmites of various shapes. Nature has endowed the cave with stone formations that look like human beings, trees, plants and mythical animals. Moreover, the cave is enormous and one branch reaches almost all the way to the waterfalls, where there is a 'secret' entrance.

4. Pac Bo Historical Site

Cao Bang is not only known for its big waterfalls, it also boasts an important revolutionary pilgrim destination. Pac Bo is a particular relic of history and the national revolution in Vietnam. This relic belongs to the commune of Pac Bo in Ha Quang district or at 55 km from the north of the city of Cao Bang.

In the local dialect, Pac Bo means watershed, where springs of clear water run. Behind Pac Bo hamlet is a mountain which houses the Coc Bo Grotto, Coc Bo Grotto is about 30 square metres dotted with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. President Ho Chi Minh made a statue of Karl Marx out of one of the stalagmites, and named the stream in front of the cave Lenin Creek and the jungle-clad mountain that overlooks this stream Karl Marx Peak. In this grotto, President Ho presided over many important meetings to discuss ways to bring the Vietnamese revolution to final victory.

Even if you have little interest in the history of Vietnam, the cave is in a beautiful location surrounded by evergreen forests filled with butterflies and birdsong, and overlooked by limestone mountains.

5. Deadly turns and stunning natural beauty in the Ma Phuc Pass

Ma Phuc pass is one of the most beautiful passes in north east Vietnam, Ma Phuc means a horse on bended knee, refering to sheer height of the pass. Ma Phuc pass leads Cao Bang town to Ban Gioc waterfall and Ta Lung border gate to China. Ma Phuc pass is very steep with sharp curves. Before the road was widen it was considered one of the most dangerous passes in the north. For adventurous travelers who love natural magnificent landscapes and conquer mountain passes Ma Phuc is an unmissable place.

6. Ethnic Minority Villages

As Cao Bang is the friendly homeland to several ethnic minority groups, you should not miss the ethnic minority villages there. And if you come, it’s crucial to keep in mind some essential customs to avoid the taboos, even though the ethnic villagers are sincere and hospitable. For instance, Nung people often put the incense tube in the yard to consecrate the “kitchen ghost”; hence, it’s taboo to come close to that incense tube. Anyhow, the minority people nowadays are more open-minded than the past, and they welcome the visitors worldwide. The homestay in Cao Bang’s ethnic minority village is full of joy and experience.

7. Quay Son River

Nature in Cao Bang is mesmerizing with the attractively romantic rivers, and Quay Son River is the one to contemplate. The river runs through the karst areas and supports water to the terraced rice fields on both sides. While the river itself is picturesque and important, the beautiful Ban Gioc Waterfall in the area of the river makes it more famous. Standing before the enchanting river, people all feel calm and rejuvenated. The activities in Quay Son River should be photographing as the opportunities to take the authentic pictures of nature are unlimited. Besides, you can enjoy camping or have a picnic nearby the river. Of course, it is a must to keep the site clean and unspoiled so that it remains the attractive river in Cao Bang from generation from generation. Together with these activities, you can decide to do nothing but rest.

Once visiting Cao Bang, tourists will never forget moments of relaxing among wild nature, beholding beautiful landscapes with white pear flower and listening to birdsongs.  

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