Best Snow Places in Vietnam

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What is you plan for this winter? Do you want to travel to the US or Europe for watching snow? Our Vietnam Typical Tours gives you some suggestions below for ideal winter vacation, you will not necessary to go oversea to catch ice.
It’s officially Snow Day in Northern Vietnam right now, with a massive cold blast hitting that part of the country and giving some regions their first ever taste of snow. Ever. Confused locals and tourists alike have been getting out into the winter wonderland and enjoying the cold, wet, white substance known as snow. Take a look at the list of best snow places in Vietnam:

Best Snow Places in Vietnam
Photo by Hoang Giang Hai
Sapa, Lao Cai

Located in the northwest at an altitude of 1,600 m above sea level, Sapa is one place where beautiful snow and ice appear most frequently in Vietnam. Arriving in Sa Pa in winter, tourists may watch snow in many areas around the town as Cong Troi (Sun Gate), Thac Bac (Silver waterfall)  Hoang Lien Son mountain, O Quy Ho Pass.

For “hunting” snow in Sa Pa, travelers should come there in period from December to February when it is extremely drizzle and chilly. In this time, Sapa looks magical, magnificent as European fairy village. Tourist can admire the mountains covered with white snow sparkling under the sun, snow cover thickly on the trees, beside a stream, lake side,... Particularly in the town, we can enjoy the beautiful snow in some destination such as Stone churches, gardens, Sapa Center Lakeside, and Ham Rong mountain – from here you can watch panoramic view of Sapa submerged in falling white snow.

Tourists should not miss some famous specialties such as salmon, stream fish, corn wine, delicious and greasy sturgeon, sucking pig, thắng cố (a specialty of Sapa cooked from internal organs of horse)…

Mau Son, Lang Son

Mau Son, Lang Son often attracts tourists when the temperature is very low, minus 2-3 degrees, appearing snow and ice. This mountainous area runs east-west, located in northeastern Lang Son province, 30 km east of Lang Son city, bordering the Vietnam-China border. Mau Son Mountain has a distinctly two-seasons climate, but for those who like winter cold or simply curious about snow and ice, come here in the January-January period, you must be. Will have the best winter tour!

Phia Oac, Cao Bang

With an elevation 1,930m above sea level, Phia Oac mountain is the roof top of Cao Bang Province. Phia Oac does not have frequent snowfall like Sapa but if you’re lucky, you may see snowflakes stretching across the roofs in winter.

Dong Van stone plateau, Ha Giang

Ice also appears in the high mountains of Ha Giang, including Dong Van and Meo Vac. Besides Dong Van town, visitors can go to many peaks in the communes of Lung Tao, Pho Bang, Lung Cu, Ta Lung, Thai Phin Tung in Dong Van district or Can Chu Phin, Giang Chu Phin, Thuong Phung and Xin Cai in Meo Vac district to see snow and ice. Recently, due to the influence of cold air, snow was 4-5cm thick in many places in Dong Van and Meo Vac.

Enjoying the scenery of Vietnam in a different aspect will bring you special feelings. Beautiful snow and ice cover every branch, grass, stick on each wood, roadside bamboo created unique impressive scenery. Add Vietnam tour to your winter vacation destination list.

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