Why choose Vietnam is a stopover for your vacations?

Nga Do
You have so many options when it comes to choosing where you want to travel, the world literally is your oyster. You will want to find a country that can offer you a plethora of activities and options to see an amazing variety of sights. Sights you will forever hold in your memory. Vietnam is a not bad idea, because:

>> Because Spectacular Landscapes: You may gaze captivating sights from the Northern Vietnam to the Southern Vietnam, from old town, tranquil cities like Hoi An to the colorful terraced rice fields in the North-western Vietnam in the rice ripe season. Vietnam is a nationality with tiny region, but you can easily find out charming sight anywhere such as beach, hill, mountains, river, delta, forest, cave, bay …

>>Because Unique Culture: Vietnam is a multi-nationality country with 54 ethnic groups, some of which have their own cultural tradition, fine customer. Many travelers prefer to take their new some experiences from those cultural diversity. and They may arrive to enjoy the music the Hue's Royal Court or arrive to the Central Highland to join carnival of gongs. or they are able to listening to “don ca tai tu” or "cai luong" in the Southern Vietnam or Love duet singing festival opens in Bac Ninh

>> Because Simple Life: A nationality that concentrated all its notice of growing up tourism with large of deal and luxury resort, luxury hotel, beautiful coffee shop, can miss travelers that prefer to see a simple life in their journey. Vietnam is a variety. Travelers may still see the simplicity and intimacy of people in large city, which is old but worth in everyday life.

>> Because Tasty and Diversify Foods: Cuisine, one of the most important positive points that make visitor stopover in Vietnam. In addition “Pho” fame (a type of Vietnam's famous noodle soup) and “Mi cake, visitor can find rustic food in any aparment of Vietnam, The dishes such as “Bun Cha”, “Cha Ca La Vong”, “Mi Quang” ,etc...The price of those food are very cheap. Only need to 1 or 2 dollars for a bowl of “hu tieu mi hoanh thanh” and you may eat fullness. Many visitors really prefer to sit in a chair and enjoy hot foods or baked delicacies from buildings.

>> Because Friendly Attitude: For visitors, The vietnamese friendly attitude is a worderful thing. Beside sellers who display their warmly welcome to can sell more items, normal pedestrian Vietnam and kids smile when they find a foreign tourist. That is what do visitors feel that they are welcome in Vietnam. Sometimes, travelers geting lost in Vietnam, and This a great opportunnity for Vietnam to display their hospitality. Even thoung most of Vietnamese may not speak English fluently, they shall try their best and make all things that they may to help.

Choose Vietnam for your holiday adventure; a country full of beautiful culture, beautiful people, exotic cuisine, and scenery beyond your imagination.

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