Healthy Black Chicken in Sapa

Nga Do
If you have a chance to visit Sapa, you should definitely enjoy Black Chicken which has long been considered as one of the most attractive dishes in Sapa. Unlike other breeds of chickens, black chickens in this mountainous town are small but very fragrant and tasty, There are many different dishes can be made from Sapa black chicken including fried chicken, boiled chicken, steamed chicken, etc. But the most outstanding specialty must be grilled honey black chicken

Black chicken is a kind of small chicken with a dark skin. The locals here usually graze these black chickens naturally so chicken is quite tough and tasty. You can enjoy black chickens processed in many different ways but the best recommendation is the chicken soaked in honey then grilled directly on charcoal. 

It's more flavorful if you eat the chicken with a mixture of salt, pepper and lime juice. When it comes to to food, it's not only about the stunning dishes you have for a meal. It's the people and stories behind the food. Among tens of cuisine suggestion for a mountaineous trip to Sapa, these above mentioned dishes are what you should take consideration for a memorable food trip.

Black chickens are a specialty of H'mong people. Your trip to Sapa can't be complete without trying black chicken.

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