These Delicious Dishes Are Made From Rice in Vietnam

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The original point of Vietnamese cuisine is always rice. That simple ingredient is cooked in different styles to create fine dishes, form the aromatic bamboo-tube rice of the Northwest to the rice with mussel of Hue’s people or green crab rice and rice with chicken belly of Southern people. We are listing hereuder some specialties of Vietnamese rice.

1. Com Lam in Northwest

Cơm Lam or Sticky rice cooked in the Bamboo tube  is a typical dish of ethnic minorities in mountainous area of Northern Vietnam. Nowadays, you can get Cơm Lam  everywhere as in Ha Giang, Bac Kan, Cao Bằng, Dien Bien, Lao Cai province.

“Cơm lam” has been cooked by Tay people for a long time. “ Cơm Lam” rice was prepared as a kind of meal for long journeys in the forests. Upon the journey, Vietnamese ethnic people will cook rice in a bamboo tube instead of a pot. By the time passed, “Cơm lam” rice has become more and more popular, and is preferred as impressive blend of rice, stream water and slight scent of bamboo.

“Cơm Lam” rice is served with grilled chicken or grilled pork. When you have opportunity to visit Sapa, don’t forget to eat this food with some local wine. “ Cơm Lam”  is made from sticky rice which is grown on the hills. Sticky rice is cleaned and put in a bamboo tube with some water. For more delicious taste, ethnic people usually use stream water with d some salt in the bamboo tube that will be covered up by banana leaves or tissue paper and roasted above red coals or hot fire. This process will be finished within about 40 minutes.

2. Mussel Rice Recipe (Com Hen)

Com Hen has a sweet-smelling taste of rice, onion and grease in addition to unusual tastes of candy, buttery, salty, sour, bitter, and peppery-hot. You need to arrive to Hen river-islet at the Perfume River to have the original Com Hen. Nevertheless, you could find out the dish on some streets in Hue Metropolis. It requires 15 completely different raw materials to repare for the dish, together with mussel, fried grease, watery grease, peanuts, white sesames, dry pancake, salted shredded meat, chilly sauce, banana flower, banana trunk, sour carambola, sour carambola, spice greens, peppermint, salad, ect.

Com Hen is common in all places in Hue and nowadays. Extra favorably, it’s a low-priced specialy, you coud eat it in luxurious restaurants in Hue city and even in pavement.

3. Chicken rice in Hoi An

Chicken Rice in Hoi An is a very typical dish of this ancient city, and yet very different from others chicken rice in other places in the same province of Quang Nam or Da Nang. While Northern Vietnamese people like to eat the whole piece of boiled chicken thighs or chest, Hoi An people have their own way to make the chicken unforgettable with customers. 

Boiled chicken is cut or torn into smaller slices, seasoned with spices like salt, pepper, chilli and Vietnamese coriander - the main factor that makes the dish savory. Combine perfectly with chicken slices, the golden rice made in pilaf form complete the wonderful dish. The rice in this set is cooked with chicken broth, with a dash of fresh turmeric to give it a glossy yellow colour. The small bit of greasiness promises a memorable savour to diners.

The full dish is served with sliced mint leaves and onions to add on to the taste of chicken and spices, and the famous chilli sauce is poured evenly over the dish to create the familiar spicy element in Central Vietnam cuisine. A chicken rice dish surely can help visitors to cure their hunger and make them remember the place for years.

4. Saigon’s broken rice

Crushed rice when being husked has created as a mouthwatering dish named “Com Tam” or broken rice. The broken rice is best served with grilled pork spareribs with honey. To make the dish more beautiful, apart form cooking the broken rice in the right method, the dish is also decorated with pork skin mixed with powered grilled rice and gralic. In addition, they also cook the pork pie made of pork meat, eggs. Mushroom, vermicelli and spices. The pie is steamed and sliced carefully to display on the dish with the rice. This dish is also accompaniel with omlet or sausage.

To add flavor to the broken rice diners should be served some sweet-and-sour spinach and other vegetables. The broken rice always includes its “specialized” fish sauce. This is the secret of each restaurant to attract guests. In particular, broken rice is also ranked in the 10 must try dishes of Saigon recognized by international guests.

5. Green crab rice in Phú Quốc

The name says it all, the main ingredients of this dish are cooked rice, green crab flesh, sliced onion, garlic, cooking oil and tomato sauce. Green crab flesh is sautéed with garlic and onion till brown, then add cooked rice and season with spices and tomato sauce.

Green crab rice is not only good looking but also high nutrient dish which you should try once coming to Phu Quoc island.

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