Ham Rong Mountain Charm in The Mist

Nga Do
Not only being the best place to see Sa Pa, Ham Rong Mountain is also known as a royal garden with blooming flowers all year round. Ham Rong Mountain is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Sa Pa. Located in the heart of the town, behind the Sa Pa church, anyone who comes to this mountain town spends at least half a day to visit this interesting place.

Ham Rong Mountain, which belongs to the majestic Hoang Lien Son Range, Sapa District, Lao Cai Province and is about 30 kilometers from Lao Cai Town, looks like a jaw of a dragon opening wide to the sky. It is an intoxicating scenery when the whole landscape is blanketed in the mist. From here it looks like a flying dragon among a white cloud.

This place is like a miniature Sa Pa because visitors can feel the convergent beauty of nature, culture and people of the mountain town by each step from the foot to the peak of Ham Rong Mountain. Anyone who comes here is impressed with flowers that bloom everywhere on the mountain. A great deal of rocks in shape of dragon claws and fin appear to our eyes and we will think of being lost in a wonderland. Following cliff will lead us to the heaven gate I and II.

Standing on green-mossed stone steps halfway to Ham Rong Mountain enjoy particularly interesting landscapes around, tourists will see a fantastic world behind with an old church appearing dimly in fog, Sapa Town wrapped by endless white color of clouds and mist. In the distance, tourists will be amazed by some houses looming illusionary and get lost by clouds covering their legs. Sometimes, they will shudder by some chilly winds through rock walls.

The mount is not too high so it does not challenge human health. However, tourists should not go there alone to indulge into the loneliness and chill but it would be perfect to go with partners or friends. If you are planning to come to Sapa, do not forget to pay a visit to Ham Rong Mountain where you can enjoy the amazing sunset from high above. Enjoying a wonderful natural scenery that human cannot create will be one of the most unforgettable experiences to any traveller to Sapa.

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