Moc Chau Charming in The Season Flowers

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Moc Chau - a very special steppes of northwestern mountains. Spring forest dream white bloom; late fall, you will see fields of wildflowers single stamp each step, save the hair and tossing away the afternoon clouds. Just this once, sure many people will want to come again.

Moc Chau Plateau in northwestern Son La province is endowed by nature with a temperate climate that produces diverse kinds of flowers all year round. From November to March in particular, flowers are blooming, showing their unique beauty that makes the plateau become an attractive destination for tourists, photographers and nature lovers.

1. Moc Chau cauliflower flower season

From the end of October to the beginning of November, It is the best time to make a visit to Moc Chau plateau in the cauliflower flower season. By that time, the locals are preparing to welcome a new image of their mountainous hometown in peace and tranquility. The best time to visit Moc Chau is from October to December when you will be overwhelmed by the cauliflower fields and valleys in blossom. It seems likely that the whole mountainous region is covered by cauliflower carpets like the background of a few other colored flowers, emerging as an enthralling spectacle of some ethereal wonderland. Some suggestions for you to witness the flowery charm are Ba Phach Village, Thong Cuong Village, and Pipe Hill in Ang Village.

2. Moc Chau plum flower season

Almost white plum blossom flowers characteristic of the plateau there is nowhere. By about February, after the price of winter months, when the weather starts to warm up, the plum orchards in Moc Chau, flowering buds start popping up all mountain, creating a landscape lyrical, poetic and romantic romance. When flowering plum blossom, if going under the trees in the farm you'll feel like you are floating on a cloud walk. Plum flowers Plum flowers bloom very quickly, in about 2-3 weeks brightly and faded so instead of pretty young plum. 

3. Moc Chau Ban flower season

From March to April is when the plum and peach flower seasons come to an end; at that time, the light rain of the spring makes hoa ban flowers blossom, and Moc Chau is one of the wonderful lands where you can find the most graceful hoa ban fields. Besides the hoa ban blossom, when coming to Moc Chau, you can join Het Cha Festival of the Thai people – an annual event hold on the 23rd – 26th March.

4. Moc Chau peach  flower season

At the middle of the winter, Moc Chau will get you surprised at the fabulous perspective in which peach flower fields are emerging among the green mountainous areas. It is deemed that it is the most harmonious combination of natural colors. There is nothing more awesome than peering down at the majestic landscapes of the plateau with the light pink of peach flower, green of the mountains, white of clouds, and blue of sky. Not only that, white mustard flowers will be a good background for this fantastic painting. That is the reason why a large number of couples choose Moc Chau as their paradise for taking their wedding photos.

5. Moc Chau tree marigold flower season

In December, Moc Chau seemingly becomes a paradise of colorful flowers. Labelled as the “flower of specialty” in Moc Chau Plateau, tree marigold is considered as the signal of the coming winter. Strolling along the track to contemplate the yellow of the tree marigold flower under the sunshine is actually the most unforgettable experience for your Vietnam tour packages. During the flower season in Moc Chau, everything is like being dyed with the natural colors (yellow tree marigold outstanding in the carpet of green mountains), making it emerge in a twinkling new costume.

Vacations are an opportunity for you to discover the unique natural and cultural beauty of the ethnic minority. A visit to Moc Chau in the New Year will give you a chance to enjoy many fascinating folk games as playing football, dancing with trumpet, whistle, throw "pao".

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