Fascinating dishes of the Moc Chau plateau

Nga Do
Have you been to Moc Chau, how many specialties do you enjoy here? I believe that not everyone who travels to Moc Chau knows how to enjoy all the specialties here. Vietnam Typical Tours will share with you some information related to food here.

1. Nam Pia

As a specialty dish of Moc Chau, Son La, Nam Pia quite special because of their taste and color. Not when visitors traveling to Moc Chau also brave enough to enjoy this dish, but it was your favorite dish upland people. Ingredients to create Nam Pia include winter, cartilage, tails, meat, silver band, continental government organs such as the heart, stomach, liver and small intestine of cattle manure or young goats. When eating frequently associated with banana flowers, mint leaves … Nam Pia is genuine bait for drinking with men in the high in the cold day fair.
2. Potatoes MAN

A flexible aromatic potatoe Moc Chau plateau planted long ago and is considered a delicacy very strange here.

This potato dish usually cooked with broth claw legs, ribs, so good on holiday. Usually when peeling potatoes, you should dry peeling or go glove to avoid itching. Additional potatoes, you also should wash with diluted saltwater through the plastic and cut potatoes while cooking will not feel itching in the throat.

3. Bovine Colostrum Moc Chau

The cows in Moc Chau brings people here for the very special character, which must mention the fresh cow milk. It is something more nutritious milk, fat, and very fragrant day. Fresh milk can be taken at any time but probably chilly morning time is the best, hot milk smell fragrant, sweet taste fat was found extremely warm and cheery.

4. Green tea in Moc Chau

Moc Chau where is famous landmarks for special tea producs with over 3000 hectares of different green tea types as: Shan tuyet, Kim huyen, Japanese tea, Olong, Bat Tien ... With the advantage of the cool climate and nutrient-rich soil should tea plants grow well and the fresh green tea buds leaves have high micronutrient content is good for health, with  ensure accuracy in both time and carefulness in each processing stages according to chain modern technologies so keeping the flavor of tea which is fragrant, pure, natural. In here, sitting between the romantic nature scenery, enjoying a steaming tea cup to feel all of the taste: pure, aromatic concentration is gentle, slightly acrid but sweet spreads, gently, nostalgic but unforgettable.

5. The stone snail Bang stream 

Usually only appear from April to the end of August, which is the rainy season, when the weather is wet. Snails eat only leaves and burying themselves in the thick layer of leaves so greasy, made delicacies unique to the area in Moc Chau, Son La. Screws catch on, can be processed into more exotic dishes such as soup, boiled with discharge, put on sauce into the mouth to enjoy spicy on tongue, crispy, sweet tasty spreading down the throat, no fishy also has taste of the forest leaves. A more careful processing than: boil water, pour snails into, adds salt to crispy, no fishy, snail meat cooked with Lom leaves, acid leaves or sour bamboo shoots… It’s very delicious, or can be mixed with mango and spices as: sawleaf, ginger leaves, perilla, lemon, chili to make salad. You will have a memorable meal, an enjoyable evening and sleep on the floor house to the next morning when you come back but your heart still lightheadedness.

That’s cuisine that you should not ignore while in Moc Chau. Go Moc Chau you can enjoy a lot of other flavors. These are just some of the dishes are Vietnam Typical Tours to share with you only. Come and feel the special culinary taste here!

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