Life Sprouts From Rock Niches in Ha Giang

Nga Do
A special land of North Vietnam, where there are lime rocks, where life can arise right on the rocks. Possessing rugged mountainous terrain and adventurous arcades, Dong Van is the place to attract many tourists to Ha Giang to experience and discover the wonderful and mysterious. The majestic natural landscape, which is full of poetic, lyrical souls so anxious, fluttering when you set foot here on the tour Ha Giang.

Dong Van Rock Plateau is the highland in the most extreme north of Vietnam with majority of the terrain at 1,400-1.600m above sea level and with over 80% of the surface covered by just rocks and with high concentration of rocky peaks of over 2,000m above sea level. The rock of Dong Van is said to contain fossils of 400million-600million years ago.

Dong Van is home to different 17 ethnic minorities, with diverse cultures and traditions, which make the plateau an interesting destination for tourists in Vietnam tourism. These ethnic minorities live on cultivating rice along the basins of the Nho Que River and corn on the rocky mountain slopes. Life may be tough, but most of the local ethnic groups still stick to their century-old traditions. It is easy for a traveler in Vietnam travel passing by the Rock Plateau to get dumb-founded by watching local people plow in rocks, cultivate crops in rocks, build walls around their home with just rocks.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit this special rock plateau to witness the wonders of nature. Learn more and plan your Vietnam Travel.

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