12 Months, What Did You Miss in Sapa?

Nga Do
December, watching the image of Sapa sunk in snow cover, trees, scenery covered by a pure white, together sit warmed up by the flames and sip a cup of tea or a baked corn, chatting with friends in a cold winter. 

Traveling to Sapa this month, it seems to be straying amidst the scenery of European forests, feeling excited and happy to be touched by snowflakes in this beautiful country.

What did you forget about Sapa 11 months ago? Let's see and do not regret it!

January: Sapa hides in white snow

This is the time Sapa hibernates, and buried in the snow. The beautiful scene of Sapa is no different in the mysterious and poetic European mansion.

Februany: Pure white plum blossom

If you travel in the plum season Sapa will be easy to see the white flowers plum blossom on both sides of the road, on the hill, are present throughout the village. Looking far from the plum blossom tree looks like the giant cotton candy, wearing a white color that makes Sapa romantically more than ever.

March: Fair - Upland identity

Sapa's market meeting on Sunday in the district. People in remote areas often have to go from the previous day. On Saturday night, many do not sleep and enjoy the folk songs of the H'mong boys and girls, the Dao, with the sounds of the lips, flute and khèn. ..

On Sunday, Sapa market can buy rare medicinal products, forest products, traditional handicrafts of ethnic groups such as handmade handicrafts; Ethnic foods such as grilled meat, smoked meat, cats, chayote, corn wine, rice wine, Thanh Kim commune, apple cider wine; Forest products and medicinal herbs such as Cu Hoang Lien, Nam Linh Chi, Cu Mat Gau, etc.

April: Temperate

The weather is cool, dry at night. Just open the door, you can feel the clouds rush into the room. Enjoy the early morning fog.

May: Seductive Sapa season water

In May, Sapa fluorescent water color in all terraced fields, at first glance thought the giant mirror who accidentally dropped in the gentle land. Peace and quiet. It is also the image of the labor of the people spread on the field to cultivate rice, bring the life page as light as the breath of Sapa mountain forests.

June:  Sapa is quiet but seductive

Away from the cramped metropolis, hot Sapa is always the hottest tourist destination in the North in June. To Sapa to feel cool climate, pure. Feeling as though there is air conditioning around.

July: An immense blue

Wondering that Sapa in July, when the summer days have not passed and fall is not yet come. What's so strange? 

Please answer that Sapa July has a green color full of vitality. On every path we pass, covered in the eyes is the green of fresh grass, immense. Sapa this season, everywhere sank in endless green and full of vitality. In July, Sapa comes to a place where we can feel the strong and full of life.

August: The ears grow season

Come back to Sapa on the peaceful August days, your heart is thrilled to see the terraced fields as fun colors but no less romantic. Somewhere that has been seen on the vast sea of rice is the peasant silhouette, small villages are nestled on the slopes, dazed looking at the every thing around in the sweet sunshine of August days dream.

September, October: Golden Sapa season

This time is the most beautiful and impressive time of Sapa. The ripe yellow rice spread on the terraced fields as the installation art is extremely impressive. Traveling in the cool period of autumn, up with Sapa you will not want to go!

November: Sapa fanciful in the fog

In November, Sapa dressed herself with a new coat color, the foggy fanfare covering the mountainous city or sometimes the white snow all over the hills is also a time when many young couples or groups to Sapa contemplate the beauty of winter in this town.

12 months Sapa - every season is beautiful, also extremely seductive. Let yourself discover and experience the beauty of each season! 

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