Visit Vietnamese countryside by bike. Have you tried it yet?

Nga Do
Nowadays, there are so many modern vehicles that make us feel lazier in traveling by bicycle. But you do not know that your daily work with stress and fatigue, you should give yourself rest days so that your family or friends will relax be on bike and you will regain your health while strengthening your solidarity with all the members. Understanding that, Vietnam Typical Tour has designed a program to bring relaxation to the holidays, so that everyone can mix in nature, plants, villages ...

Discover the spectacular Vietnamese countryside by bike and boat on a captivating small-group tour from Hanoi. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and embark on a bike ride through beautiful back roads, go through the countryside and verdant rice fields. 

The first surprise you will see is the Long Bien bridge, the historic iron bridge of Vietnam, if you are lucky you can catch the bride and groom taking wedding photos at this bridge. And remember, do not forget to take pictures with your loved ones at this dear bridge. Follow the levee, you will encounter peaceful countryside and green rice fields. Surely, the Bat Trang Pottery Village Tour by bike will bring the freshest experience after hard work and study days.

Some features of Bat Trang pottery village

Bat Trang pottery village is located on the left bank of the Red River, in Gia Lam district, more than 10km east of the capital city of Hanoi. When referring to the famous craft villages, you can not stop talking about Bat Trang Pottery Village. This village has existed in the suburbs of Thang Long for over 500 years. The scenery in Bat Trang pottery village is also very poetic, so you will have fun activities to explore interesting.

The first step to the pottery village, you will see a lot of shops close together displaying different pottery. Enjoy the view, hand-made pure pottery products with folk themes such as farmers, buffaloes, literary characters, etc. - to household appliances such as bowls , Cups, vases ... all very beautiful and lively.

In particular, when participating in this tour you can manually craft the ceramic products to your liking.

Perhaps there is no better time to visit Vietnam than now, a Vietnam tour is needed.– where the innocence of its people remains unspoiled by modernization, where raw beauty can still be witnessed steps away from luxury comfort. Join the Bat Trang tour today to get a new experience. 

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