Sapa - great destination to avoid hot summer

Nga Do
Live in the hot summer days of Hanoi, you feel stuffy. Leaving the hustle and bustle of the capital, come to sapa - the misty city to enjoy the wonderful experience this summer. why?

4 seasons in a day

One day you can experience the warm weather of spring, the scorching heat of the summer to cool even the cold weather of autumn. And finally the cold, cold air of winter when sapa sleeps at night.

Breathtaking scenery

Join the tour sapa from hanoi is the best choice to discover the natural beauty of Vietnam. To come to sapa is to the winding terraced fields, mountain scenery to create the majestic beauty here.

Come to Sapa in September to November, you will be amazed by its beauty. This is the time when the rice fields are bright yellow. At this time, the sky, nature Sapa as the new coat color, a yellow color spread throughout the mountains.

Come to Sapa, come to the beautiful Muong Hoa valley in the early sunshine, the grandeur of the silver waterfall, or the beauty of Ham Dao mountain, or hear the melodies of the trumpet during the love market. And the interesting customs of the peoples here.

Discover the villages of ethnic minorities

For a long time now, the upland minorities have become a characteristic feature of sapa. Somewhere in the villages of Sa Pa, visitors will always find the beautiful nature images to surprise or catch the rustic lifestyle, simplicity of local people, bring you endless source of inspiration. And the feelings are hard to describe.

Discover the unique cuisine of sapa

Sapa tourism not only attracts visitors with beautiful scenery but also by rich cuisine. Each dish brings its own flavor to give visitors different impressions.

You can visit the sapa gourmet market for grilled foods - a popular sapa dish. In the cold weather to enjoy the barbecue kitchen fire pink will really seduce you. Grilled foods sapa is very varied and rich, each dish is soaked and made to separate spices that eat a lot of dishes at the same time you do not have the feeling of duplication and boredom.

In addition, Sapa also has a lot of other specialties such as Trau Gac Bep, Thang Co, Ta Van plums ... also very attractive.

Are you thinking of traveling to Sapa this summer for family or friends? Do you still wonder about the tourist here because Sapa has so many beautiful sights that you can not go all out in a few days time? Join the most attractive Sapa Tour From Hanoi with us, your trip will be as complete and perfect as you wish.

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