Mong Tay Islet - A Maldives in Vietnam

Nga Do
Known as the heaven on the earth, Maldives is famous for long crystal beaches, white sandy and splendid sunshine.However, now you don’t need to got Maldives, you can still enjoy the beauty of heaven in Vietnam. 

Together with Diep Son Island, Mong Tay Island is one of the wonderful “sea paradises” that the sea-lovers community get crazy about it recently. If you have a chance to visit Mong Tay Island, your mind will be blown and you will be ecstatic with the pristine beauty of turquoise sea and white sand. You will just keep admiring with amazement that you might forget the time and feel like you are on the best-known paradise island – Maldives. Thus, Mong Tay Island is a perfect choice for your summer vacation. Lush green coconut trees, white sand and turquoise sea, a Maldives paradise in Vietnam. That’s the descriptions for Mong Tay island.

Mong Tay island located offshore Kien Giang province, located north of the island of Phu Quoc. During the war, this place is sanctuary of the evacuation people. Today, due to the harsh conditions, this island does not focus crowded residents. The island is located hidden with shipping lines so not much ships passing. Because of this pristine beauty, it has become an attractive factor for tourists who love backpacking or couples looking for absolute privacy space.The reason why it was called Mong Tay island because on the island has many Mong Tay trees. Coming to the Mong Tay Island you will quickly overwhelmed with beautiful natural scenery almost no human hand impact.

From a very first step, you will be overwhelmed with the bewitching scenery of the whole sea paradise in front of you. You will be witnessed the crystal clear and bluish-green seawater like an emerald with the white fine and smooth sands stretching out along the shore. Right there, you can also see leaning and swaying coconut trees, some distinctive rocks with exotic shapes, colorful coral reefs, and fishes swimming around. All of that harmonize together and create a brilliant natural painting that no fancy words can describe enough that beauty. you will be ecstatic by the beauty of nature here. Sea water is clear as pearl. An enchanting blue of the ocean. Along with lush green coconut trees, white sand beaches basking in the sun shining, the spacious sea breeze, warm, gentle … deep into the island are burning grassland

Mong Tay Island is ideal for camping activities, explore the desert island and admire the beautiful natural scenery. Cool water will make you feel interesting. Then you also can fish, catch crabs. Most notably was the snorkeling experience. Coral ecosystems here was considered to be in top of Vietnam for 17 categories of hard and soft kinds with anemones. The colorful coral reefs will surely impress guests.

The Beauty here for you unleash capture great images in any angle. The beauty of this island paradise has attracted many couples in love. In addition to buying seafood to Mong Tay island brings to self-organization BBQ party, a trip to Phu Quoc Island you can enjoy many interesting dishes like herring salad, fish or grilled chicken …

A trip to the Mong Tay island to avoid every noise, chaos of the town, you will find yourself with the beautiful nature of the archipelago paradise in Vietnam. Mong Tay Island always captivates tourists from far away, fills your heart with boundless love for the sea, the pristine nature of this deserted island. Apparently, anyone who has ever visited this island for once all falls for it, keeps an intense love for it. You don’t even want to leave and feel pity when you have to go on a canoe or a boat to go back.

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