Exploring Tam Coc in Harvest Time

Nga Do
The summer days of June, Tam Coc which resembles a colorful collage. It can be the yellow color of a smooth carpet of ripe rice undulating in the breeze, the color of turquoise water of the winding river, or the pleasant blue of the open sky … All create a delightful landscape painting.

Exploring Tam Coc in Harvest Time 1
Photo by Tuấn Mai
The landmark of Tam Coc, Ninh Binh Province, is named the “Ha Long Bay on land” stretching along the limestone mountains surrounded by Ngo Dong River covered with the yellow of ripen paddy field in Northern Viet Nam.

Tam Coc means three caves including Ca Cave, Hai Cave and Ba Cave formed by Ngo Dong River. The best time to travel to Tam Coc is from the end of May to mid-June each year when the yellow “carpets” beautifying the meandering river.

Tam Coc is approximately 110km from Hanoi along National Highway 1A: Phap Van – Cau Gie – Phu Ly – Ninh Binh. You can hire a private car to travel in group or travel by motorcycles to be active in terms of time because the distance is not too far away and the roads are easy to move. You can come and return within one day or at weekends.

For visitors, summer is also the best time to get to Tam Coc, just to avoid the heat, and to relax, get immersed in the nature of a quiet countryside. Visiting Tam Coc this season, no matter sitting on the boat or taking a walk, you will be like lost in the colorful carpets when looking at green interspersed with yellow paddy fields. There are harvested fields, but there are also plots of land waiting to be harvested creating cool, light and beautiful natural colors.

On the way, tour guide will introduce you to the land, with his voice of full of  enthusiasm. From Dinh Cac boat station, it takes nearly three hours of rowing along the Ngo Dong River, through Ca, Hai and Ba grottoes. You will find yourself enchanted by the beauty of Tam Coc – Bich Dong at the very first glance, immersed in contemplating the cave ceiling adorned with beautiful, glistening stalactites. Limestone outcrops stood imposingly, stretching above the river flow and forming many caves.

Time you can watch these breataking views in Tamcoc is not  much, only one to two weeks in harvest season. Therefore, if you do not want to miss the beautiful scenery inTamcoc in the season, plan your trip carefully before you go.

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