Traveling to Sapa and explore Love waterfall

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Traveling to SaPa, tourists can visit Love Waterfall on O Quy Ho Pass, near Silver Waterfall, Cat Cat Village.

Traveling to Sapa and explore Love waterfall
Photo by Guerretto
Love Waterfall is the famous waterfall belonged to San Sa Ho commune, within 14km from the center of Sapa to the Southwest. This is one of the beginning points of Fansipan Peak conquering trip.

To reach Love waterfall, tourists have to go deeper into the forest, through the bamboo forest. In March, the way to the waterfall is more beautiful because of the red color of azalea flowers. All of them make an amazing painting of nature.

After 20-minute-walk through the bamboo forest, tourists will see the Gold Stream. And at the top of that stream is the Love Waterfall.

Love Waterfall is 100m in height. From far away, it looks like a winding hat by the green fauna and flora.

Once upon a time, The Love Waterfall was the place where a fairy and the woodcutter man named O Quy Ho loved each other. However, they couldn’t be together because the mighty objected that true love.

It is just 35.000 VND per ticket to enter to Love Waterfall. If you are lucky enough to come in a foggy day, you will have the chance to admire the stunning beauty of the nature there.

The Love Waterfall which is belonged to Hoang Lien Son National Park is the favorite tourist spot every year. The wild flowers make the way to Love Waterfall more beautiful and romantic.

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