Sapa tourism brand through delicious dishes

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Sapa is not only famous for its natural beauty and landscapes, cool and fresh air, Sapa is best known for specialties. Sapa cuisine mirrors the country’s cultural and ethnic diversity.

Sapa tourism brand through delicious dishes
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Long time ago, salmon only existed in the North coast of Europe and the Americas. After applying many methods, this famous fish has finally been in Sapa.

Salmon has orange color with delicious taste. You can go to any restaurant in this land to order this dish, especially salmon hot pot.

With special recipe, salmon hot pot isn’t fishy as other fish dishes. Moreover, it will be perfect if you enjoy salmon hot pot with wild apple wine.

Pork “held in hand”

Pork “held in hand” originates H’mong ethnic. The reason for the name is that pig is held in hand to the market. A pig is only 4-5kg.

Pork is cooked in many dishes but the most famous dish is grilled pork with attractive yellow of honey bee. Grilled pork is eaten with mixed fish sauce and forest vegetables.


Thanks to cool climate, chayote is the symbol of Sapa. You can see the local people selling chayote everywhere in Sapa.

There are two main dishes made from chayote: fried chayote vegetable with garlic and boiled chayote eaten with grinded peanuts, sometimes with carrots for more colors.

Grilled food

Grilled food is easiest dish to find in Sapa. Grilled stalls are everywhere in town from meat to vegetables, bamboo-stick rice, corn and sweet potato…

What interest tourists are that walking in town, finding a grilled stall and waiting for the food.

Stream fish

This is the special dish of Sapa. Sapa stream fish is not as big as lake fish but it is more delicious.

Each fish is big as 2-3 hand fingers and hides in the holes between stones. The taste of stream fish will make you hard to forget. Stream fish is often grilled and eaten with mixed fish sauce.

Mustard greens

Sapa mustard greens have small size leaves with white fur. Nowadays, with the development of tourism, the local people have planted more and more Sapa mustard greens.

Mustard greens are fried, boiled or eaten with hot pot but the most famous is cooked with ginger. You can also add chicken or chopped pork. However it is cooked, Sapa mustard greens still remain the special taste.

Sapa tourism brand through delicious dishes. Enjoying grilled crunchy fish with the taste of wild apple wine will make you hard to forget Sapa cuisine.

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